Woke up early this morning. Had a little fun with Duchess. 
Enjoy 🙂
Shoes: Zara (sooo last season, though), Socks and Tights: H&M  –socks get lost & Duchess eats them, so I will be stocking up 🙂 , Dress: Gift from my sister. Bizarre, cuz there’s no label on this bad boy. Only the material +  wash instructions: 50% wool  + 50% Cashmere, so super warm & super soft. Sometimes, it’s the other label that matters.  Learn to check your materials! If it fits well, wool is wool, cashmere is cashmere, silk is silk. I’m a label-whore myself, but I try not to get too caught up.  Blazer: Harvé Benard –Found this in a thrift store somewhere in Jersey. If you’re a “thrifter” stop picking up garbage. Google your tag and avoid wasting your time & closet space.  Bag: Hervé Chapelier.  

Even put a little liner on 😉  — A girl I used to work with taught me to put pencil under the liquic so the liner stays better. @PFungFitness does it too. Works TONS better. 

This is the only time I want boobs -_-

& my reoccurring issue with this dress is that it doesn’t “hug” me… but I keep it because you DO NOT need to be all skin tight at the office. Save those outfits for the club. It’s actually okay if something fits you loose every once in a while.