Midtown Loft & Terrace is an incredibly classy venue. The lighting is divine and… IDK why I ❤ hardwood floors so much -_-  Snapped this pic when I walked in, luckily having beat the crowd. The venue filled up shortly afterwards — At the end of the night took me foreeevverrr to get through the crowd + get my gift bag! 
             City Girl Beauty Project held it’s first annual Giving is Glamorous charity event at the Midtown Loft & Terrace on May 3rd, 2012. Surely, it sounds like it could have been anything for any reason, but I assure you it was not. In the midst of make-up, champagne, chocolate and violins it’s founder’s message resonated deep within the attendees. Miss Tanika Ray made sure of that 😉 
         In light of the fight against human trafficking and domestic violence, Andrea Charles founded the company in 2009 by hosing beauty-themed events in the honor of different charities. On this night, she highlighted the struggles –while applauding the merit –of women and children who suffer at the hands of domestic abuse, domestic violence and human trafficking.

        LADIES: You never know what’s going on in the world around you. First and foremost, understand you are NOT alone.  It is a shame how many of us stand for pain in the name of love, unknowing how beautiful we are. Miss Charles and her guests shared stories and reflections about their experiences –even going so far as to admit the embarrassment one feels at what you’ve put up wit. (Big, Big S/O to  Tashera Simmons. That’s a woman. Her words are posted for you to listen below.) But, as an attendee, I was touched, honored and moved by their strength. To stand up in front of a crowd of strangers and tell them that the person you loved, loved you incorrectly is not an easy task. It was amazing to know that we are not alone in our pain, but that in leaning on the shoulders of those like us, we can stand tall again.  

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+ Meet Andrea D. Charles
CEO + Founder of City Girl Beauty Project

Lovely ladies working with Apples & Oranges PR 
 Apples & Oranges PR 

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+ Listen to Music by JAMU
I didn’t get much of him, it was simply more beautiful to listen… 
but this one song is what initially  drew me over 🙂

Ayza Wine + Chocolate Bar

I had the Hi Prosecco. Not as dry as I’d have imagined (in a good way).
It was actually super light, super sweet & bubbly ❤  #TryThisAtHome #IndulgeSafely
Ahhhh & the truffles were deliciousssssss ❤ 

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+ Receive Inspiring Words from VIP

The Violence Intervention Program (VIP) is a nationally recognized Latina organization. Our mission is to promote nonviolent partner relationships, familias, and communities through raising awareness, activism, and culturally competent services that are respectful of each survivor’s right to self-determination. 


Plantation Rum
IDK if I’m a rum girl, but this was okay.
It was perfect following the white wine, though  & not super strong, so probably suitable for the ladies as well men.

Can we be honest, tho?
 I’m a “person of color” as they like to call me.
I’m hesitant to support anything named “Plantation anything.”
Maybe it’s just me, but… Just saying 🙂
Perhaps the French don’t have that problem *shrugs* 

Lemons & Raspberries.

City Girl Beauty Project (CGBP) 

The Mission of CGBP is to inspire, and acknowledge heroism among women 
who have survived domestic violence and human trafficking.

They were doing it. 

& Nails, too <3. It was full-service in this mofo!

Watch the Video!
 + Listen to Tashera Simmons

Often referred to as DMX’s wife, she took the stage and held her own. If one took the time to listen, you’d understand that she is her own woman with her own story. As a guest to the event, she stepped on a shaky stage with admirable confidence to show us her soul.

Thank you for sharing, Ms. Simmons ❤

Tanika Ray

Miss Ray was a fantastic hostess 🙂

Tanika Ray
 I’m not super familiar with her (I don’t own a tv. I’m my own celebrity *shrugs*) but she was an excellent host.
She knew she was there for a purpose and made sure everyone in attendance could hear the message at some point.
She also highlighted an array of people in the room she might not have had to & others might not have.
She’s super sweet. I support her simply because. 
Tanika Ray

THANK YOU!!!!!! 

❤ Ella

You know I love me a gift bag, right?
Got some chocolate & coupons to Ayza Wine + Chocolate Bar!
I’ll be there on ladies night for my free chocolate Martini ASAP! 
 S/O to forgetting my camera at home. #TeamiPhone held it dooooown