“Hi, I write. If you get a chance to check out my blog, I’d appreciate it.”

Last night, I followed with,  “I have to pass these cards out? Can I leave my stuff here?” I speak only to females, with the exception of men I already know. Or who matter.

That’s all I say. Typically, I have to repeat, “I write,” twice afterwards. The first time because they really didn’t hear me and the second to confirm they heard me correctly. Lots of people’s faces screw up. lol. I’m not sure if it’s a “What do I care?” or a “What is write?” My favorites are the people who’ve read me before. They make my night. The feeling of meeting someone for the first time and having them already know you is… freeing. If they read me, I assume they fuck with me. They understand why I’m here. It’s like having friends you didn’t know you had. Tightens the world up a little bit. Makes it less lonely. Most girls like me off rip — the happy ones. I got a thumbs up on the train yesterday.  That was actually pretty dope 🙂

I prefer to give my card out on the train. Everything moves fast. There’s barely any talking. They just take the card & by the time they’ve read it through, everyone’s standing clear of the closing doors.

I’m not… lonely, really. It’s the physical aloneness that bothers people.

I fuckin love language. It allows you to understand. The words people choose make the ultimate difference. And that’s why we keep learning. Because there are things we have yet to experience. With those experiences, you learn to address the world differently — you’ve just got to find the right words.

 If there are words you don’t know… there’s something you don’t know. Figure that shit out.