On April 20th, Build A Better Planet Teamed up with Yes We Can For Progress to celebrate Earth Day 2012.  That night, Delroy’s Cafe was home to nothing but love + beautiful music.

Solé Haren founded Build A Better Planet in May of 2012 to champion the efforts of sustainable living. After serving her time int he corporate world, she decided it was time to trade in luxury for humanity. Through ambitious networking and a brilliant smile, she’s crossed paths with a slew of amazing people. One of those people was Mireille Leroy, Founder/President of Yes We Can For Progress – an organization whose aim is to provide support to Haiti and is currently building the first fully sustainable school there. Donations to this event went towards Leroy’s efforts. 
Joining in support were Franklin James Fisher, Anonymous by Nature, The Kape and Amelia Bluzh
 The singers and musicians put on quite an entertaining show. An obvious fan of good music –and a beautifully diverse range of sounds — Solé also hosts a Radio Show. Check her out!!

Mission Statement
As emerging markets develop and existing economies expand, demand for our Earth’s limited resources increases, while greater stress is placed on our already fragile ecosystems. The very air we breathe, water we drink, and food we eat are compromised by the toxins and pollution we create, ironically, while trying to improve our quality of life. Build A Better Planet is committed to promoting sustainable living and environmental awareness.

At Build A Better Planet, we believe there is a better way. We believe that new resources could supply ample abundance for all.

We believe that, by working with nature, rather than against it, we can all enjoy a higher standard of living. 

We are dedicated to providing information about alternatives to the status quo, thereby, educating others and providing options which encourage sustainable living, growth, and development, so that we can all enjoy a brighter, healthier future for generations to come.

Mission Statement
         Our mission is to provide care with dignity through the establishing of a group residence in a secure and supportive family living environment setting, for expectant mothers of age 14 to 21 (essentially victims of rape), along with offering quality care to their newborns. 

      We, also, intend to provide primary and secondary education for school children through the age of adolescence. Housemothers will govern the home with excellence and compassion, professional mentors, and skilled educators for challenged learners. 

     All services will be administered by friendly, caring, dedicated staff, skilled volunteers, medical personnel, physicians, certified mid-wives, as well as social workers who will be assuring that all necessary social and personal obligations are being met to benefit our community.
This was at the front table… spoke about how the tragedy in Haiti was how God was telling us there was something wrong going on in that part of the world. It is our duty to pay attention to our world and champion for the  greater good by helping where we can. ❤ 

Listen. I don’t know what  Mr. Fisher was doing, but all I could bring myself to do what feel it right along with him. His music emits pure passion.  He builds his music from the ground up –almost literally– making it a sound that is nothing than his emotion coming through speakers. There’s a lot of soul in this man. Please keep your ears open for him. 

These dudes are fun as hell. They rock with, for and beside the crowd. Solé told me these guys have been making music together to 14 years. That’s beautiful, man.   I don’t know each of the guitarosts names separatley (yet) but I suppose that’s what’s beautiful. Not really f*ck their names, but, they’re Anonymous by Nature. They work brilliantly together. Everyone shines in this band. I was able to watch everyone rock out on their own & see what they bring to the table. I appreciated that –it made me appreciate them. As for he funk?  They make music that makes you jam but somehow mellows you out. Goes great with Hennessey & #420 F*ckin awesome. 
.Either that, or I’m insane & a sick obsession with guitars. I’d listen to them play all day ❤

The band’s line-up is as follows:
Voice: Mud
Guitar/Voice: Luckey
Guitar/Voice: Jasper
Bass/Voice: Azzie
Drums: Sean



The Kape

Ahhhhhh… Melodies 🙂 The Kape makes beautiful music. I even had to stand next to one of the speakers because I wanted to as far in it as possible. The tunes of The Jape are smooth and… loving. Even when I didn’t know what they were saying (you know sometimes you just wanted to hear pretty things but not listen)  I could feel my heart warming. That was when I walked over the to the speaker. When’s the last time you heard sweet love songs? 

Closing out the night, Amelia came in strong. I watched her wait patiently for her turn at the mic and when she grabbed it, she took hold. Amelia’s is a voice that calls you out from the next room. Her tunes are both strong and melodious with an island swing.  Her music lifts,  holds  and sways you.  Certainly lots of personality in its distinctiveness.  Check her out. 

The Brooklyn program will be holding events in June to raise awareness of AIDS in the New York — particularly Brooklyn. Shaan expressed his concern for Brooklyn’s youth and their health and hopes to make a change with his TV show. I’ll keep you all posted on what he’s doing 🙂