NEXT OPEN MIC: May 10th, 2012
Videos will be up soon. Gimme some time 😉 

         One & One Bar Lounge is the place to be every 2nd Thursday of the month. The RedEye Media Group and GX Media provide an atmosphere where artists and musicians get together and… show love. I sat back with my date (Henny+Cranberry) and waited to be entertained. One by one  the talented took the stage. One by one, each proved what they had to.
@MillsDaComedian  – Mills does a fantastic job. I mean, he makes me laugh. I look forward to the stints between performances as much as the performances themselves. Really… you can try to throw this guy off if you want to — you better be ready for what comes your way tho! 

No idea where Lenny came from. Actually, Miami.  Lenny doesn’t care about anything but his Colombian family & his guitar. Someone needs to sit him down and make him a Twitter, because your man is dope. “I love brraiiiiin,” he sings along with his guitar not giving a fuck if your offended… he just wants to make music + have a good time. 

Samantha Westervelt

Samantha was a doll. Originally from Kentucky, she moved to NYC to pursue and acting career yet, here she is with music at her fingertips. She just starting writing about 3 months ago but already has an EP in the works. Her music is heartfelt, melodious and calming. Her songs seem to be built from pure emotion. It was very… soothing to listen to. & I really needed that –obviously it’s all about me 😉 ❤ 
So, whenever that album drops COPP THAT!

Rubi Sphinx
@MillsDaComedian  introduced @HerDiamondBack cautioning the crowd of her possible “man bashing”. Rubi didn’t man-bash as supposed, though. Still, she belted out some strong pieces like The Time Is… and The Black Buyout,  sharing with us some very powerful opinions about our time + what we’re doing with it. Read the pieces for youselves. Certainly some room for good conversation there. 

@HerDiamondBack + @MillsDaComedian 




Them N****s Outta Brownsville

      That’s not really their name, I just don’t know what else to call them. *shrugs* They each go by their own names + do their own thing, so I apologize for not knowing them all. I was introduced to Snoop + @BrooklynSpitt but the show started before I was through 😦 Still, this was a cool group of dudes (including @DiceBoiBerra who didn’t perform -_-) They rhyme because they want to. Because it brings them together. “It’s a family thing,” I was told. It was easy to tell they simply enjoy each other’s company. There’s nothing like support from those you support as well. Bravo, yo. 


Snoop +  @BrooklynSpitt


@MillsDaComedian + @BrooklynSpitt

The Gift

The Gift graced us with two very personal & heartfelt pieces.  It’s always an honor for someone to share their story with you, especially when they’re so honest about the pain.

@DuceDaPrivilege  represents GX Media Inc who put this Open Mic together with the help of The RedEye Media Group. Duce, though, lives in no boxes. He is an MC himself, with his hands in all sorts of pots and always has something going on. Check him out to see what else he’s working on. 

@DuceDaPrivilege   + @HansomManson
@DuceDaPrivilege  + @HansomManson



@HansomManson graced us with… bars. He was entertaining to say the very least.
Certainly made me want to sit down + listen to his music a little closer.  With that said, you all should, too.


This Guy 🙂

I forget his name (fml), even though he sat next to me + we introduced ourselves. My bad, holmes. 
Dude was live, though. It’s been a while since I’ve seen so much energy in a delivery. & he made sure to give us what he wanted to give us. “That was for the hood,” he said, wrapping up. 
Word, yo.  


           It’s always a pleasure to listen to @EastBrookFamily. He approached the mic with his standard smile, prepared to deliver his slick rendition of “Crush on You” –allowing us to have a bit of fun + closing out the show appropriately. Unfortunately, I took a billion fuzzy pics of Hollywood but missed out on video 😦  Check him out at, tho. It’s worth it 😉

 @MillsDaComedian + @EastBrookFamily

NEXT OPEN MIC: May 10th, 2012