I made my way out of the launch party once I asked Carissa my three  (obviously) brilliant questions  –which you’ll read about later, Stay tuned! It was a little awkward walking around in the party as if I was “done” with her, so I snapped a couple of photos and made my way downstairs to the lobby. I kicked off my shoes –trading in bloody red bottom fashion for Taylor gang — when I overheard one of the photographers talking about getting a bottle of Young and Fresh to take home with him. That’s when I remembered the fragrance -_- It was why were were all there, yet, I had forgotten to focus on the product itself.  That’s when I made my way back upstairs in search of whatever I could get. I figured the best way to tell you all about it would be to use it myself right?  Enjoy or drop by an annoying perfume counter somewhere & ask for a spray 😉

           I had traded in Young and Fresh’s sweet aroma for a similar conversation with Carissa. She’d held the bottle carefully in her hands, posing for pictures whenever asked. @Erica_Mena joined the group and was thanked with a bottle of her own, “Soft,” she’d commented as she sprayed it on her wrists. Young and Fresh smells… natural. As I sit behind my desk trying to find powerful words to describe the scent (hoping no one notices me sniffing my sweater) nothing more comes to my mind than the word “pretty”. 
         Sometimes, you don’t want to smell like something… you just don’t want to smell bad. This is not to say Young and Fresh has no scent, rather that it is not overwhelming or overpowering. When you first put it on, there seems to be a rosy undertone. For those of us who still cover ourselves in power after showering, Rosario’s Young and Fresh is perfect. It’s a scent you can even sleep in. The aroma is subtle and sweet –much like Carissa herself, making her the perfect match for Joseph as the face of the new fragrance. I’d consider Carissa‘s an everyday scent. It’s one you don’t have to worry about choking people with –I sprayed like 20 times this morning. You know, just to test it out *shrugs* It’s now 5pm & (while I could go for another spray or two) I still smell baby fresh… There it is… fresh. Young and Fresh is surely a refreshing scent. Come to think of it… I sprayed myself with it last night when I got out of the shower (that’s how I know I can sleep in it – _-) Light, airy, refreshing + rosy. Yup. A very pretty aroma indeed 🙂

Truth be told, I just want Carissa’s name on the next bottle. 
But she’s a driven individual + I’m sure she wants the same. 
Blessings in all your endeavor’s Miss Rosario. Thank you for your kindness
 + mucho, mucho amor.

(left to right) Erica MenaJennifer Williams, party guest, Brandon BingCarissa Rosario + Sean Ringgold at Yotel celebrating the launch of Rosario’s new fragrance. CLICK HERE for more photos from the launch party!

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