Went to a gathering at House of the Lord Church in Brooklyn last night with @MoveOn & @Kevin_Powell.
After all was said (& said again) & done, there was one thing everyone seemed to agree with no matter the degree or lack of violence the assign to their solution: Sh*t has to change. 
Now, we brainstorm what to do. If you feel like the struggle is yours, engage yourself, your mind & your friends.  If you won’t participate, I will 🙂 Feel free to join me where ever I am & Keep up with JWWWD Events as I start doing things one might consider a little more beneficial to society.  Nothing wrong with being a well-rounded individual & showing support for whatever your heart hurts for.
I’m at work & gots to do my J-O-B, but I’ll post some more of my thoughts a little later.
 The pictures speak volumes, though.