2269 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd, Harlem NY
(b/t 133rd + 134th)

The Menu.
 The Spot.

Coffee’s okay. Little on the bitter side, but I think that’s also a French thing. It’s not bad, though.
Just add sugar *shrugs*

My Pimp date πŸ™‚
 + Nothing says “Red Blazer” like  the leather pants my man had on.
 I just liked that he was there. This is a place where you can come grab a drink by yourself if you wanted to.
Get out &  meet some more of the characters put on this planet.
Plenty seating appropriate for large parties, dates or… whatever.
& call me my mother, but I  love  a wood table. oh & TVs incase you wanna catch a game.  It’s a regular ass bar if that’s what you want it to be. It’s all about why you’re there & what you wanna do. 

There’s benches, too –which every place should have. Window seating which is probably  great when the whether allows, but I liked this little corner of the joint. This is officially my seat. 

The Food.

Unfortunately, the calamri didn’t taste as good as it looked. It’s probably delicious to others, I’m just more fond of an Italian take on the simple dish. This didn’t have enough flavor for me & was a littlllee over cooked.  Or maybe I’m spoiled.  Who knows. *shrugs*  Would’ve probably been better with a beer.  Try it yourself.

I took the Mac&Chesse to go. 

I was worried it wouldn’t be good after how I felt about the calamari, but I was WRONG. It’s surprisingly tasty πŸ™‚ Plus they packaged it up real nice, which is key for someone like me: trying to go out during the week cuts off on cooking time which bite you in the ass come lunchtime the next day (or when you realize how much cash you’ve spent on lunch int he city -_-). The Mac is super creamy, but not heavy. Reheated, the cheese is stringy like it’s supposed to be <3. 

       The broccolli is my own addition. The small size serving of mac actually filled the entire tub & I can’t bring myself to eat that in a sitting. I suggest, if you get the mac & cheese, have whoever you went with get something different & split the order. I’d have loved a… meat on the side (I’m a hardcore carnivore) but I didn’t want to order another entree. 


The restroom.
Perhaps this isn’t important to you, but it’s key to me. 
I’d probably go back to this place just so I can wash my hands in the dope sink.
btw, I hate public restrooms. 

The lighting in the bathroom is cool. Completely unexpected and tastefully decorated. It’s a stark difference from the blue lighting in the main area. Plus, I ❀ green.

I always appreciate a place to put my purse.

The Ideal. 

A little art while you tinkle. Cuz anytime’s a good time. *shrugs*

The Final Review

       The best thing about this place? The people. As they say on their site, it is great customer service. Even though my calamari wasn’t what I’d had hoped for, my waiter was kind, sweet and attentive. I’m a chump + left a good tip, too -_- But he left me alone enough, which I appreciated as I was writing and taking full advantage of the window seat and street lighting.
     The crowd was pleasant. A great mix of people with quiet conversation. Well dressed. Great date place, I think. It’s laid back, but classy. Background music you don’t mind & won’t remember plays while the crowd does. Certainly not a rowdy place, but has a distinctive air of its own. I guess it’s the French * This place is… comfortable & welcoming… and that, to me, is what matters most. 
 I’ll certainly go back — Think I’ll try to french onion soup next πŸ™‚

They might even have outside seating in the summer ❀ ❀ ❀