2271 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd, Harlem NY
Daily Happy Hour: 4-8pm

The Spot
Shrine’s a pretty dope place. 
12″ records from forever ago line the walls interrupted only by the occasional poster, chandelier and perfectly placed mirrors —Mirrors, chandeliers + music.. is there anything more perfect? 
The place isn’t huge, but somehow, after you’ve sat down, feels like there’s enough room to… relax. Perhaps even stretch your legs. You walk into the establishment through wood & glass double doors only to be greeted by one of the prettiest (almost) full bars I’ve laid my eyes on . They don’t have Patrón Citrónge, but my Jack + Coke was what I needed it to be. Drinks are reasonably priced & the crowd is respectable.  Low lighting, loud music and laughter fill the room from the front to the back where there’s a nice sized stage for performances. We tried to get our table moved to the front to no avail -_-They keep the tables pushed back at night for the dancers stopping through –and they sure do stop through.
It’s a inviting atmosphere. The entertainment for the night is pretty guaranteed to try to get the crowd to participate –but they won’t push you if you don’t like to be pushed. Still, if you were to try to shake something, I’m sure they’d applaud. It’s great spot to meet friends & hang out, perhaps watch a game, but preferably, to catch a little bit of art. A little poetry. A little dancing. Check out Shrine’s calendar to see what they’ve got coming up. 

The Entertainment.
(watch for yourself)

The Food.
They serve plenty. 
I didn’t try any of it, but when in doubt, burger + fries!