This painting is actually pretty big. Note the ship in the distane (top left) which the shipwrecked man fails to see. This ship was actually added after the painting was first exhibited 
— Homer wanted to add “hope”.

Close up.

My cousin @i__MAC pointed out the cross at the front of the boat. Perhaps the symbolize hope even when you’re looking away? @i__MAC  and I talked about how maybe he had faith his God would see him through so he wasn’t worried because he’d be okay whichever way the ordeal ended. Or maybe he was a non-believer –not to be worried anyhow. His face is so stern yet seems unperturbed. Made me wonder what kind of soul can remain calm  in a sinking boat guarded by blood-thirsty sharks? Someone who’s seen worse, I assume. & IDK if those are snakes but… F[his]L. 

This painting is on exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.