S/O to all the things that happen 
& those with the courage to tell the tales.
S/O to all the credit that’s due.
and those who refused to recognize.
S/O to heartache and pain. 
To tears and muffled cries. 
S/O to dark days and cold nights.
Flat truths and white lies. 
S/O to the rebels 
the soldiers
the warriors 
and their wives.
S/O to those who kill dreams 
& those killed by pride.
S/O to secrets
and razors
and asprin 
& love.
S/O to point A, 
and point B 
and seeing all the above. 
S/O to catching to groove
and staying true to the vibe.
S/O to Enver Rodriguez.
Remember his name, fuck mine. 
S/O to liar and thieves;
angels with souls gone corrupt.
S/O to humans with flaws:

S/O Job.
S/O Judas.
S/O Martin.
S/O Malcolm.
S/O Buddha.
S/O Allah.
S/O Karl.
S/O Castro.
S/O Clinton.
S/O Me. 
S/O Dreams.
S/O men who hit women.
& women who hit back. 
S/O to women who stay. (I could never do that.)
S/O to my sister. 
I have one and none other. 
S/O my moms,
That’s my homie.
I love you forever.

S/O to everyone
& their respective grinds.

See you at the top.
If it’s not for you, then it’s mine.

S/O to my grind:
Dope Sh*t never stops 😉

S/O to being headed straight,
to the top.