I spent about 30 minutes sitting in this room. Emotional as fuck. Asking for guidance.
All I want is peace. & for you all to enjoy the serenity with me. 
(There’s a little education in here, too. For those who aren’t too cool.)  

Bodhisattva, Probably Avakiteshvara, “Lord who looks down”.

Bodhi (enlightened) sattva (existence)
Enlightened being.

This Buddah is grand to illustrate Dipankara’s, “Lamp Bearer”,  grand promise of enlightenment.

Bodhisattva Avakiteshvara.
Life is tough. 
It’s HUGE. 

Pensive Bodhisattva Three Kings period, mid-7th century, bronze.

The hand positions of the Buddah are extremely important.
By how these hands are (supposed to be) in meditation position, this is assumed to be
Amitabha – “Infitnite Light”
Amitabha is the principal Buddah of the Pure Land Sect whom focus on the importance of the individual. He also came up with his 48 vows to make the world a better place (as I understand it) because he was, in his past life, a king named Dharmakara, who renounced his throne in the name of Buddism.

Bodhisattva – Jin Dynasty. 12-13th Century.

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara

“Lord who looks down”
 –Encompasses the compassion of all Buddahs.

Pilgrim Sudhana (late 15- early17th Century) with hands in a gesture of reverence.
Sudhana (translated as) “Child of Wealth” traveled through South & Southeast Asia
 to study with the masters for spiritual development. 

Bodhisattva Manjushri  -“Gentle Glory”
 (late 10th Century – Early 12th Century)
Identified by the scroll in the right hand.
This Bodhisattva is known as the personification of transcendent  wisdom.

Made by Feng Xiaozhong and his son for a temple.
 The purpose of this piece was to guard the road.
(inscriptions on back)

Buddha Maitrya – The future Buddah of this world. He will come back to Earth
when it seems that dharma has been forgotten.
& I touched it for… whatever. Just in case 😉

The State of Nature as it is. 
To cultivate an understanding of the world and it’s established, natural laws. 
Understanding the reality of people in order to create harmony most effectively.
Shimhanada Avalokiteshvara

“Lion’s Roar” 
– expressing the intensity of the moment of enlightenment.

Monk, probably Anada who was known as the champion of women’s rights,
showing his passion by established an order of nuns.
Vairocana – The transcendent manifestation of Shakyamuri
& sometimes seen as the embodiment of “emptiness”
 Founder (& cental figure) of the teachings of the “Five Great Buddhas”

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara holding a willow branch.
In Buddhism, the willow branch is associated with healing.

Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara with One Thousand Hands and One Thousand Eyes,
(11th-12th Century)
The main hands remain in the position of prayer while the others hold images of devotion:
Lower two – lasso & rosary. Upper two –Disks symbolic of the sun (left) & moon (right). 
Head of a Buddah, Ming Dynasty, ca. 1500
Sengjia Dashi: Monk, also known as  Sizhou Heshang.
 Said to have be reincarnated after death as Guanyin – Bodhisatavva of Mercy,
 (which is odd to me because Guanyin  is typically female, so wiki says).
Revered for his power to prevent floods.

They had this really cool room with was… cool. It was built to make you feel like you were outside and it was perfect. This was the most relaxing  exhibit of them all.