I called into HoolyRadio last night. They were talking about the Drake vs Common BS that I’ve only paid 0.2% attention to (In some cases, “beef” is best well done.) & at the end of it I felt like Hip-Hop is really a battle of respect – in your art & as a person. The rapper doesn’t exist outside of the rap. It created him and he creates it. Rap is not fiction —even when it is. But at the core of it is an egotistical, masculine battle even the women take part in –Hence, “Stupid Hoe”. The Hooly Radio cast reminded me of the track and I admitted I hadn’t listened to it. The title didn’t appeal to me. I’m neither a hoe, nor stupid, nor care to talk about people who fit those criteria. And after listening to the track… I noticed that very little about it appeals to me actually. My questions are: What are we listening to? & I don’t know how long I’m going to keep asking this question but, what is Hip-Hop really? Cuz this shit here ain’t shit. Or maybe it is. *shrugs* Maybe the misogyny is integral. Maybe. The degradation of women will only end after the woman has stopped degrading herself & it doesn’t seem, to me, like Nicki plans on stopping. We stand beside our men as they bad talk us. Even I did it today. (I found some ass on YouTube & posted it on  Dope Sh*t for you all to enjoy. #YoureWelcome.) But we’ve been here the whole time. We were listening to the music right when they were…  I wonder how much input the men in her camp had in this video. Everyone was so caught up on her ass that they chose not to say, “Nicki, you can do better than this.” Nicki thinks she’s on top of the world because she’s said no to penis, well honey… you should take a break from latex all together for a while. Develop as a person. & when you find old Nicki, show her the respect she used to ask for… wait… maybe she never did.
       @NickiMinaj’s new video, “Stupid Hoe,” disappoints me. On so. many. levels. Lyrically, it’s trash. (You can listen to the lyrics yourself. I refuse to defend a fact. It stands for itself.) For customes & set design & concept… it’s trash. There’s something about the whole video that screams “Snooki” to me. & I love me some Snooki, but she is who she is… I suppose Nicki is who she is as well though.  This is the first song I’m hearing off your album? I hope, baby girl… I really do hope you give me something. I most disappointed in Nicki because she’s a bright girl. She’s capable of so much more. I want her to use her brain. She talks about bitches being her “sons” but obviously she wasn’t talking about me because she aint teach me shit yet except that I’m my mother’s daughter, my brother’s sister & my sister’s best friend –and never, not once, have I been anyone’s son. (General FYI.) & with all the bullshit (I say bullshit now because I wouldn’t buy my daughter that Barbie doll after this video) about changing up your lyrics because of your young listeners? What happened to that? These girls out here need guidance. If anyone knows this, it’s Onika Maraj. Literally, overall, I think this song is trash. Like. Delete. 
       The time spent on this project could have been much more meaningful. Note she shouts out the 2012 superbowl, but nothing of the Presidential Election. For the 3 minutes of her ass poppin in a cage, how many hours did she really spend doing that? It wasn’t… sexy. It was a bit barbaric. Draped in animal print and locked in a cage, I’m not sure who she belongs to, where they found her or where she’s going, but hopefully she adjusts. The truth is, I was going to take it for what it was –an emotion she needed to express. She was feeling some type of way and had to state it for the record. Literally. I understand. But the part that disappointed me most about @NickiMinaj’s video was the very last statement: I am the female Weezy. Really? Why can’t you be @NickiMinaj? She should just tweet from @LilTunechi, for that. Charge him for the PR services. She lost the old Nicki on Pink Friday, now she doesn’t want the new one either. #UnstableCreature Go figure. I’m just not sure. I’m not sure it’s okay. How many videos can you make like that? When you look back on those, how are you gonna feel about it? Real rap, Kim didn’t do that. She dressed real scandalous but she’d rather get paid for sitting in the shade with a glass of lemonade.
     The good folks at Hooly Radio were impressed with me. People usually are. Cuz, you know, I’m a girl. *shrugs* It’s something to deal with from the womb to the tomb –having to prove to people that you not only deserve their respect, but demand it. After a while it gets tiresome. I understand the disdain @pashunitemind may or may not feel being the lone female host on Hooly Radio–having to defend your Boss in a room full of men. Well, a Boss don’t defend shit. The shit a Boss says defends itself. & when it comes to Hip-Hop… & most of all “gangsta” rap (excuse me, my big brother raised me), I don’t know it all, but I love it very much. Factually, most niggas don’t know shit about music, but since their males, people listen to their opinion as if it holds weight. Factually as well, most bitches don’t like rap enough to purchase a good ticket. Which is why  had to take my (fully employed) ex to my first Jay-Z concert (Row 7, I believe, because a college kid can only do so much, and I had to buy two sets of tickets from two different places to make sure my tickets were legit. $1000 on Jay-Z tickets. 20 year-old-me. So that this perpetually broke niggas could pretend with the two cornballs beside him that he gave a shit about what was about to happen. Like he understood how monumental your first Jay-Z concert is. He didn’t care… and this is me venting because niggas don’t know how corny they really are becasue you loved them so much. & people give them respect they never even earned. smh.) Point is, I hate when people assume that, because I’m a female, I can’t know shit about music. Even more, I dislike the idea that because  you are a female, your body is the most important thing about you. More so, the issue is that a woman with such clout with the general public has sat down & learned to love herself enough to teach her young followers to love themselves. Please believe the body does dangerous things, but we should all be more interested in how our minds work. 
            If you’ve met me, you’ve met me. If not, you should probably experience it. Today I listened to both All Eyez On Me & Ready to Die. (Check out my groove at Dope Sh*t) Not to say that means anything, but it does. I hate bad music. What’s worse, I hate bad music that pretend t be good. Entertainment is entertainment… but when you try to call something/someone the “best” there are bodies of work to be compared. My job is to make sure we’re all looking at things clearly. Someone’s got to say something. Someone’s got to stand up for what’s right & tell the truth. & the truth is, Nicki tires me out. First: I’m tired of seeing her in costume. What does Nicki really  look like? What does she really sound like? Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough into her, but I don’t hatin I should have to. I think that a person should be who they are at all times. Everyone should know who you are even if they have no idea who you are. There is no mistaking me, I promise you. First of all, I don’t think I look like too many other bitches, lol. That’s just my Ego talking. My concience. My truth. The unadulterated me. I wish people would be their unadulterated selves more often. That’s when people try to be “real”. With @NickiMinaj, I think it just turned real… trashy. I mean… even literally with the chicken wing around her neck. I’ve held my tounge so long about her because I hoped she’d prove something to us. There are so many females out there who listen to her. That’s my only issue. I don’t think she takes advantage of the position she’s in. That, by a pretty close association, would make her a waste. I mean… look at Gaga. She has purpose.  
          I want the real Nicki –if there is one. I want to know what she thinks. How she feels. What she does. Where she’s been. How her mind works. I want to see her art. She has yet to chow me that. The difference between new music and the old is that new music is focused primarily on its sound and we lose track of the words. Partially it’s because people don’t listen, the other part if because most people ain’t really got shit to say. To speak, you must have a point. You must have something to contribute. Information to offer. A lot of people just don’t have that. I never said Nicki doesn’t have it, but “Stupid Hoe” doesn’t give me much reason to think she does. Maybe Nicki’s never felt pretty before now. Maybe this is the first time she’s at a point where she loves what she looks like –I mean it’s all she talks about forreal (she said herself it’s finally soft). “Stupid Hoe” is littered with bridges calling out “pretty girls” which is all fine and good at the club, but when I put that album on in the car… what else? This song is amazing for the ego & how you feel about yourself, but how about how others feel about you? I’m not sure how much “respect” the general public has for Nicki, forreal. That’s why I can’t dig her too much. I don’t know her. I don’t trust her. To be a fan of an artist, you hav eto have faith that they’re gonna keep dropping more hot shit. When someone drop something like this… I’m glad I threw out my TV. I can only take but so much foolishness.
     Nicki puts too much emphasis on her body for my taste. I love my body, too. But her’s is too blatant –as if it’s all she has to offer. As if it’s for sale. She spends a nice percentage of the video time with her ass to the camera. I mean.. You put you best forward, right?  I don’t think that’s the key. I don’t think that’s the hip-hop I want. (Feel free to disagree.) I’d love to hear what Lauryn has to say on this. That would be an opinion worth hearing. But you know, for some females get caught up in that thing when in reality, respect is just a minimum. Respect is real. People either respect you or they don’t. You can’t fake that funk. To have ultimate respect is to respect everything. Respect for self. Respect for others. Respect for relationships you have with people. Understandings. One of the most commonly forgotten thing for women is remembering that they’re a woman.You get what you allow. Secretly, we do  run the world. You’ve just got to decide what kind of orders your giving. Nicki just wants to be admired from afar, and that’s fine… hopefully she’s keeping herself company, though, cuz we sure don’t see it enough. If you want to make it in a world full of men, you do it by being a woman. Not a whore, nor an image of one. More importantly though, what’s after this? How long can she hold up this image? I mean, she’s fad waiting to die out… she was fire a little while ago, but there’s a slight chance of rain. & Or maybe she’s good with Wayne making it rain. With him owning her. Caging her an putting her on  show for sale. Pimps have longevity. Pussy is money. I think I understand the marketing plan.

 (Especially when you look more like her in every video?)
At the end of each day: 
Seems like I’m the  the last to keep the M.O.B wives’ code alive. 
If I can’t  respect myself, then I’d much rather die. 
Bitches will slow you up. 
Money. Power. Respect. All you ned in life.

             Now that I’ve spoken my mind on the topic that frustrated me, I can go back to what’s important. Family, happiness and security. I’m on my #grind. If you all haven’t noticed. I have no problem reminding you. It’s my mother’s birthday this weekend, so I’ll be living in the real world with her for a while. I apologize if I’ve gone missing until then… Also, if you’ve sent me music, I promise I’ve listened to it opened it, processed it… You know, the works. But I can’t respond until I’m sure of what I’m feeling. & What I want to say. Sometimes I know exactly how I feel when I hear it. Sometimes… I need a little time alone with your art. To understand it. To understand you. & what you’re trying to say. Because, to be honest. A lot of you aren’t saying shit in your music. I mean… you’re talking… but you’re not saying shit. I understand though, no one can be 1000% serious. (That’s not a typo.)You need a little time to fuck around. Get into some trouble. Try something new. Keep the registers ringing. But, I can’t make any judgements until I hear a complete piece of work. & if I feel your transparency. That’s what I’m looking for. Honesty. Truth. I have to believe you even when you’re lying. Then again, some people rap a million times about the one time they had VIP –in hopes that it’ll get them there. And maybe it will. That’s when I begin to consider if it’ll get airplay. Yes? No? Get there then flop? Will you be able to follow up? Is there growth? Truthfully, I don’t like to waste my time. I’m sure you don’t like to waste yours. So I won’t give my response until I feel I’ve have enough time and understanding to say what I want how I want to say.
I don’t ask for anything more. I don’t accept anything less.
 I wish @NickiMinaj 
(& those doing in real life what she does on video)
 would do the same. 
At least sometimes.  At least pretend to.
With all due respect, you know.
I appreciate all the submissions. 
Keep’em comin’
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DISCLAIMER:  BTW, there’s nothing cornier than to be killed by an unknown assailant. The devil never shows his face. Nor the Grim Reeper. Nor a hater. This is me at my very best. Either love me or leave me alone. I worked 9:30 – 9:30. & came home & wrote this & posted shit on this damn blog until.4:09am, because I love what I do & I believe what I say & I do what I feel.  & I stole this sweater from my mom cuz It’s mad  warm lmfao. #DontJudgeMe.  I don’t judge me, so no one else has the right to, either. I’ve learned to love myself exactly as I am. Even and especially if I don’t look like a barbie doll. You should do the same. & we all have flaws. & I’m not saying Nicki isnt gorgeous… I just wish she’d but a regiment on her brain like she does on her ass. Shit like this makes me afraid for the future.
Thank the gods for @PresidentElla 😉
Oh & Super Big S/O to @RedEyeMediaGrp‘s @Arii_Mane @TAsterisk
Those ladies are a real good look. Not only are they ladies, but they throw well planned,
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