On Christmas Eve, Cory Garabedian was involved in a car accident. 
His family needs our help. 

           I met Cory about 11 years ago when I worked for the city handed out park lunches. I was 13 and he hounded me to borrow my CD player. Not only am I terrible at sharing (to this day), but it was pink, I couldn’t understand why he wanted to use it. I reluctantly handed it over to the strange boy on the bike and hoped I’d see my baby again. Both of them šŸ˜‰ You see, Cory was cute, but I had no idea who he was. He was also always a sweetheart. To top it off, he was one of the few guys I’d ever met who brought his little brother around with him. Knowing that Cory knew far too many of the same people I did, I never moved in that direction with him, but I always looked forward to his smile. I still do, to this day. So when I was at the hospital on Christmas, and his mother asked me how I knew Cory, I tried to tell her about my CD player through tears and the poor woman thought I was insane. lol My mom did too. “Why’d you say that?”my mom asked. “I don’t know.. she asked how I met him. That’s how I know him,” I said & shrugged. (I was still wiping tear & trying to get back to normal. Shit aint real till you see it.) How do you explain to a woman in pain how you know her unconscious son? She wanted to know if my emotions were pure… I understood. But it’s like explaining what water is… I can do it.. but there’s only so much to say. Cory is my friend. & everyone who can say the same is blessed.

          The thing about Cory is that he’s a beautiful person. Inside & out. What I liked most about him was that he was loyal to the guys I was loyal to. He became one of the few people I can trust in this world. Still, I always knew his mind functioned apart from their’s. Cory has always ben very much of an individual thinker, & while we only talk about dumb shit when we get together, it’s not hard  to notice a great mind. From the day he got me for my CD player, Cory was my booy. Throughout the rest of my high school years -summers mostly- I could bank on seeing Cory everyday at the local basketball court – Higgison, The Booyz second home.  It was where I’d see all of my friends.  I’m not sure why I was so okay with it –yes I am… I like being a girl in a group called The Booyz. It meant something to me. It meant they loved me, too. That who I was didn’t matter. So they couldn’t kick me out. šŸ™‚ We used to De-Booy people all the time, but not me! Like I’ve told the rest of them on separate occasions, they’ll always be my frieinds. I’m loyal. For that reason, Cory has always been my friend –and always will be. Even after high school & I went off to Maryland. Cory went somewhere in Mass for a little bit (idk where exactly *shrugs* lol) but ended up in the Army šŸ™‚ I was so scared when I heard, though. I hate the Army, to be honest. I appreciate it, yes. I know what it’s there for. But it scares the hell out of me, especially for the boys who end up on those front lines. Especially when those booyz are mine. They risk their lives. I, honestly, didn’t want Cory to lose his. It was selfish I admit, because things happen to men no matter where they are in the world. But after we got a chance to talk after Thanksgiving. He had told me his plans. He told me he liked what he did. He wanted to go back to school. Cory’s the man, yo. & I want him to do everything he wanted & wants to do. He deserves it. There’s nothing more beautiful with someone enjoying what they do. I hope he continues to do those things without letting any obstacle deter him from his goals. 
       Growing up with a bunch of guys are best friends has its perks and drawbacks. First, is that there were more females, but eventually, females feel a disconnect with male “friends” overtime. No real reason, but females bond with each other better & males do the same. Still, I never let them kick me out of Boyz. immmmmposiible. The three of us girls involved where there for everything. The nights with the jokes & the nights where chairs and tables flew around as the men we loved defended themselves. Their my friends on the nights they buy me drinks and are pure gentlemen to the nights when… I’ve got to keep my eyes open because I’m the only one who pay attention. I know who was where doing what with who. My guys friends have taught me to be alert. Vigilant. Respectful. They’ve taught me to be strong. Honest. Loyal. They are much more than people I know. I love these guys. And the morning after Helder’s birthday, as we all made our way out of the hotel room, I decided to ride back with Cory & Helder. “Whyare you still here,” Cory asked because I can take it. They expected me to leave with the ladies, but I   preferred not to “Cuz I’m your fuckin freind. Is that a problem? I can’t spend time with you guys?” They laughed. I finished the $20 coffee Cory was half-pissed about. He’d picked out a corner room at the Westin, so I was busy enjoying the view & had to do it with coffee like a true Dominican. “$20 fuckin coffee?!” he asked to be a jerk “I deserve it!” I yelled back. “Thank you!”

         Cory’s not just a friend to me, because I love him more than that. He’s not quite my brother because I had one of those. If you know me at all, you know what I mean… But I love him just the same. The night I was able to visit him, I had nothing to say. All I could do was look and… you know… cry. I didn’t ask anyone what happened. And to be honest, I still don’t know. I’m not interested. The details only interest me to an extent. I just needed to know that  Cory was alive. Granted, he wasn’t in the best shape, but I’d take him any fuckin way the gods will allow.  I ran my hands over his arms –because in truth, I want to hug & squeeze him –Cory gives the best hugs –but it would have been weird/uncomfortable for all involved loI — and  I realized that this was all meant to be (even though I hate that phrase). Cory is strong, yo. I told you all he was in the Army. I remember when he first got cut, he & I went shopping cuz he wanted tighter shirts lol. Shopping with Cory was a pleasure. Who doesn’t want to see a guy with a tight body purposely try on tight shirts? lol. That’s my homie though, so I passed him his actual size even though I was tempted to get him stuck in an XS. lol But his body was made for impact. He was trained to handle pain. To be caught in the worst of situations & make it. I’m not sure if we’re fortunate or unfortunate that it happened here and not on enemy terrain some where, but I know we’re fortunate to have Cory with us. Due to the accident. Cory suffered major damage to a leg. I’m not going to pretend I have all the details, and until I see him myself, I prefer not to comment on the extremity (or lack of ) of the situation. All I do know is that hospital costs are no joke. I also know that whatever Cory chooses to do to remedy his situation, will not be very cheap. Cory’s situation will now affect his entire life, but finances shouldn’t stop anyone from living a full life. Especially not Cory. 
         So here’s the deal. My other Booy Luis, set up this account that will help Cory, his mother, his Grandmother and his brother deal with the financial load of this situation with greater ease. (Luis is the guy whose face is on Robin & Cory is Batman lol.) I’m not rich yet, so there’s only so much I can do except write this post. His family are really, really good people. They never treat you poorly when you go to their house. His mom even called AAA for me once when I forgot to put my car in park before turning it off. I couldn’t get it to start -_- & they helped me out lol. In return, they deserve our help. If you can spare 15 cents, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Thanks for your help ladies & gents. ā¤
The Booyz

Cory w/ his mom & brother.

New Year’s Eve – Cory, Donks, Tiny & Myself
(Don’t mind me lol They let me have fun!)
Reezy, Cory & Chief (<3 this picture)

We ā¤  CG