Look up. 
        There’s a navigation bar, right? Possibly? Well, somehow, you’ve got to get to my section called, “Dope Sh*t”. It’s where I post everything that has nothing to do with me. Pretty things. Things I like. Things I’m doing. Whatever. Consider it my Tumblr –I’m not fuckin with Tumblr at the moment, to be honest. Not my thing. When I get myself an intern, that’s something she can take care of.  Right now, there’s nothing but jewelry and shoes in there. #GoFigure.  But, there’s plenty to look forward to. 
Dope Sh*t  is where you can find my interviews, exposes, event coverage, shopping trips & dope outfits. Welcome to EllaThought.com, a subsidiary of @JWWWDMagazine – where I expand upon feeling the fuck like it.
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