I’m peculiar. Odd. Strange. Brazen. Bitchy. Bad (if I might say so myself). I’m the type of girl who goes to a party by herself and passes out business cards with upside down labels stuck on the back of them. (I would though. smh.) The type to interrupt your conversation and tell you that money is calling. Can’t you hear it? 
        I’m a hot mess. The only place I’ve been able to make it to on my most recent Sundays have been Tiffany’s & the club. I wouldn’t call myself a heathen but others might. Still, born and raised a Catholic, I don’t see too much wrong with admiring Gods’ creations, especially when slathered in gold. I like pretty things. Pretty people and pretty drinks. Liquor & juice. With a cherry in it –because that’ll make me happy.

 If you’re just meeting me, that’s the purpose of my entire life: To be happy. I make myself happy. I do whatever I want to do because I deserve it. & I depend on no one to do that for me. All I want in this world is to smile. We should be happier. Shit shouldn’t be so stressful. You see, I could have spent my night right here behind this computer screen but I couldn’t force myself. I could only force myself to do what I wanted to do. & I wanted to share in celebration with happy people. Plus, I bought new boots. I had to bring these bitches out. I don’t know who I’m supposed to be, but my name sounds right over the mic. I can’t say I’d go party by myself all the time, but when my checks come in right & my wardrobe is where I need it to be, more appearances might be in order.

      Secretly, I want to be famous. I don’t know for what yet. I consider myself fairly capable and I have the ethic. If I think something is going to work, I go after it and do it correctly, as efficiently as I can. That’s why “EllaThought.com” labels are stuck across my business cards. I had to do something. There are opportunities at every turn that we fail to take advantage of. If life isn’t all fun & games, then it should be money. & I need the money; I have expenses. I need a bigger place. Plus my moms is getting older and hasn’t seen enough of the world. I have this fantasy in my head about… the limelight & setting the world on fire. I won’t do it how I’m expected to, tho. I detest expectations.  I aim to be myself. The same person I’ve always been. My mission is to put more truth into the world. More information. More shit you can believe in. 
       I’m fucking normal. Too normal. I  don’t pretend to be anything different & I don’t pretend that I’m okay with normal. No one wants to be normal. But I’m okay with it because this is just another phase of life I have to maneuver through. I want to live my life intelligently. I want to be a role model *shrugs*. I’ve got to show the world what my mind can do. Enough women have fucked their way to the top, don’t we think? Let’s try something new out.  I’m on here searching for… everything. Because I deserve it –I still stand by that.  Ahhh… as are the struggles of life.

      So whether you’re stressed out by boys, shoes or credit cards… Come back to ELLATHOUGHT.com & get your mind off it… or maybe find your way through it… *shrugs* who knows. If you believe in nothing else in this world, believe that Ella Thought is pretty damned dope 😉