It’s been a long fucking week, yo. 
I’ve worked until 10pm some nights. It’s the toughest week of the season (quite literally. It’s the week the big boss takes off early for Christmas vacation & the rest of us have to scramble together an entire advertising campaign for her approval before she takes off. & any good boss will disapprove something. Just to do it. Because you’re the boss. Because you can. Because you’re judgment is trusted. It’s your job. They pay you to make decisions. I’m not a real-life boss yet. But I’m close. Because one thing that never changes about a boss is her attitude. Because people don’t change. Of that I am sure. 
I never say anything I’m unsure of. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. I don’t meet many people who do the same. Most people spend their time talking. Telling you what they already know. In reality, you should be speaking with each other & trying to figure out your next steps. Moving forward. There are far too many unproductive conversations taking place & I refuse to take part in them. This isn’t to say that I don’t like to just cool out but what do I get out of it?

I’ve got a lot more shit to say but I’ve also got work to do. Hopefully I can sit down on the bus & write it all out for you, but most likely, I won’t have the time. Actually, I will have the time, but I’ll probably spend it thinking. I’d rather be in silence with myself than most things. Most shit doesn’t even need to be said. What’s real is real –another thing I’m sure of.