She deserves everything in the world. 
Look at how pretty that bustle is 🙂

As my mother explained it, my job as maid-of-honor was to button the bustle after the ceremony,
& lift the dress for the bride when she has to pee.


It was my pleasure. lol

I loved that place ❤

& Enver was there the whole time 🙂

My mom’s butt looks nice. Hair hair, too. lol
The Perfect Veil. 
What a doll, huh? ❤
This is the Spanish soap opera shot. lol
Fuzzy… but her hair looks good! 
Really good.
We should ride like this more often.
Glad I lost that weight -_- She looks good tho *shrugs*
My Mami linda. Doesn’t she look beautiful?
Don’t mind the face, she’s from an era that doesn’t smile in pictures.
She’s of a bizzare people. This is how she thinks she looks good… She’s right though lol.  

& She lost weight with me. She’s wearing my old pants now lol.

I ❤ this picture.
 She’s gorgeous, right? 
It was a beautiful day ❤ Mami said it was someone’s wedding gift. I’d have to agree.
Even the wind blew perfectly for her.
Eva Longoria can kiss my sister’s ass, if you ask me.
I know her eyes are closed, but I left this up because her hair looks really good.
& the dress is amazing isn’t it? She had them add the strap & custom-made the cape.
 Genius, huh?

She got the dress at Bridal and Gift in Attleboro, MA. Like.. 3 minutes from Emerald Square Mall.
My moms works there. Go check them out. They have prom dresses & all that, too.

That’s a true Dominican cake, thank you very much.
She even put the flowers on herself. I watched her do it.

Dear Nick & Lisa,

Happy Anniversary!
Lisa – My gift to you are these beautiful pictures of you *Check
Nick – My gift to you are these beautiful  pictures of Lisa. *Check


& Happy Birthday, Nick!
So… The poem is for your birthday. *Check
 Sorry it took so long to get this to you. 
This is cooler anyhow, right?

It’s only been two years. Whatevvv.


My Christmas gift to you both is a way to get rich off of me.*Check
Merry Christmas!
I figure you put in enough, right?
 Thank you for that btw. I was quite the handful.
Turned out all right, though.
Gracias 🙂

Thing is this:
My blog is dope as fuck, to be honest. 
I make it a point to be brutally honest & true to myself.
& the truth is, 
There’s nothing like me.
No one close.

Have your people ask around.
I’m something special & everyone has always known it.
I believe you both have.
I didn’t for a while… but when I found out.

I know this is weird… 
But this is something a weird little sister would do, isn’t it.
 I’ve always expressed myself better in written form.
 I think you’ve also known that. 

But umm.. welcome to
This is mine. This is really what I want to do.
 I run this world 😉
 More people need to recognize (that’s a “hip-hop” reference for Lisa lol).

I’m sure we’ll have a chance to speak,
 this is just my way of making sure I go through with it.
It took a year of therapy to teach me to ask for help.
I’m not doing that therapy shit again. 
It also taught me that what I really need is more money & frequent vacations.

I’m ready for this shit to pay off, forreal.

 Shit. It’s 3am.

See you @ 4!


*You two are the most unaffordable couple on the face of the earth. Anniversary, then birthday, then Christmas? 
Are you kidding me?!? I’m giving love & books until we get me rich. 

Dedicated to Nick & Lisa on their wedding day, November 9th, 2009.
Thank you for allowing me the honor of joining you in celebrating your love.

Its kind of like the way
the tide wraps its fingers around 
each grain of sand on the shore.
Pressing particles between
Thumb and forefinger
Forgetting the others 
that have previously
fumbled in its palms. 
It’s the pushing pull of  
Distracted concentration. 
It feels like your heart is free-falling and
Accelerating with gravity.
Your pulse
Penetrates sound waves. 
Your mind shakes your soul. 
It’s a promise to tears
That they’ll never fall again. 
A request for the mind to 
Stop counting milliseconds,
predicting mistakes 
or signals for “sorry”s. 
Amazing happens. 
Impossible disappears
And pretty princess playtime 
becomes reality.
It is
An involuntary smile.
An accidental laugh
A sensation so deeply engraved, so potent and lasting 
We have no choice but to call it ‘Love’.
It is a search for definitions 
–longing for proof that this is it.
All we know for sure is that
Love starts high 
Then plateaus. 
Takes you in circles. 
Drops you.
Picks you up.
But always comes around in the end. 
It knows that memories
cultivate in the crevices of broken hearts,
thriving off shed tears.
Overtime, we see them tilted in the direction
of the light emanating from our brightest smiles.
Your love is your ally.
Your companion. 
Your comrade.
Your army.
Your arsenal. 
Love is your soul’s acquaintance in a world of strangers. 
It is friendship in its essence. It is the essence of forever.

co-written by Luna Pastula