A boy upset me. 
So I went to go look at diamonds. I think I deserve to smile as much as possible. & if someone’s not doing that for me, I need to find a way to give it to myself. So I took myself out for a little walk on 5th, got me some Starbucks and looked that the only things in the world worth it.
Which got me to thinking… why wait for him to buy it?
I’m slowly becoming unattainable. Not sure I’m mad at it. 
Fuck boys. 
Chase diamonds. 

Guys like this are hired to stand at the entrance. It’s adorable ❤

NYC was a mess today.

My iPad was blowing me. This is what I had when I got home. smh. lol


Men’s also.
These are adorable for someone. 

Yup. I would. 



Give it to me.