My boss has a meeting tomorrow I just remembered. I mean… I knew.. I just remembered how decent I have to look -_- Last minute (on a Sunday) I hit 5th Ave to see what NYC had to offer. I was very  impressed. I stopped into Uniqulo & got a full-out (mostly) wool suit with a long sleeve shirt. The damage was $130, but that’s not bad for a quality suit, in my humble opinion. Not if you want to look presentable & not  cheap. & this is pretty cheap. The pieces are basic & “practical” as the company pitches, but most importantly, they fit me well. *shrugs* I appreciated being able to find something at a reasonable price at 7pm… on a Sunday. This is why I love New York! On top of that, it was my first visit to the store & the sales associates were super nice. I’ll shop anywhere I feel loved. 
            I then headed over to H&M for tops. They usually have sales on the most random shit. The 5th Ave store has better product, to be honest. The 34th Street location was a let down on in the blazer department when I went on Friday, but I got a long dress for my job’s holiday party that got a ton of compliments. It was the perfect length for my size (5’2) and the fabric’s incredibly light. Also comes in purple. Unfortunatley, it’s not available online. Look at the other dresses here. 
        oh & there’s also a gift that came around for a friend’s 4-year-old daughter (because I stole his gift card & decided to be unselfish for once. I’m growing up & it’s so sad). Macy’s has some good sales for those with kids (or holiday kids like mine smh). I like to get socks & underwear for kids. I figure they’ll come in handy. I wouldn’t know tho. I like panties and socks *shrugs* oh! & when shopping Macy’s, make sure you always ask for coupons. There’s more deals than they want to let you know. 
So… while I love to window shop Prada, this is where I really shop at. 
It’s not a forever thing, though. No worries šŸ˜‰

Jacket – $89.90, Pants – $19.90, Long-Sleeve V-neck – $12.90

Long-sleeve button-up $15, Cami – $10

Ralph Lauren girls top – $22.21

Levi’s – $16.49,  Socks $10, Panties $14.98

H&M Dress – $34.95