All about my trip to Puerto Rico ❤ 

       I had a blast in Puerto Rico, forreal. I had my racists doubts, I can’t lie. I’m a die-hard Dominican even if you can’t tell *shrugs*. Santo Domingo is my motherland. When my sister told me the concert she had in mind was actually for Shakira in Puerto Rico –in two weeks–I didn’t know how to feel. I know it sound bizarre, but hear me out. 
    My sister and I were never particularly close. Not because she’s a bad person or that we didn’t get along… she was just my big sister (at 5’1). We went through enough, my siblings and myself. My mother went through more. Growing up, I never had a clear view of what life held, I just understood that it was good overall. No matter the times I thought existence was overrated, I never disliked it enough. I knew I had to make it through and wait it out. Things would be okay someday. My sister is also tough to deal with. She doesn’t like to many people or things or ideas. My sister has a straight view of the world: What is right and what is wrong. What should and should not be. She understands. She’s not clouded by much. Sometimes, I think she’s insensitive… but I change my mind when I find out that she was right. I hope to be just like her. Her invitation was more emotional than anything. I was gracious she even considered my joining her. 
      It felt good to be able  to. Puerto Rico three days? Two weeks notice? Fuck it. It took an advanced loan from my mother but hey, that’s what she’s my mother for. “Wanna be my mom?”I asked her when I called. I’m a spoiled brat forreal and my mommy will do anything to keep my happy. She knows that when I’m unhappy, the world loses balance and everyone is in grave danger. She loaned me the pesos, reminding me, “I’m always your mom, mija.” She’s come a long way. My mother didn’t have much. And then did. And then didn’t for a very long time. Today, she’s doing a-okay. Enough to loan me some cash for a spur of the moment trip with my sister. More empowering than that was being to pay her back. To be able to say “Yes” to my sister knowing that I had it (or would in time). And when I was there, it felt good to hold my own. My sister said she’d pay the hotel room to save me some cash. I paid my half anyway. Sometimes, it’s better to extend yourself even when people are being kind to you. You don’t have to take advantage of every offer you’re given. If you turn down the small ones, the bigger ones might come in time. You see, my sister has bread. She’s not a rockstar, but if I ever needed an investor, I know my family has me covered. I’d rather have her cover me for something that can bring us both money than for me to just leech off her in the meantime. 
      I’m growing up y’all. And it feels the fuck so good. “I feel like I’m 15!” my sister was over-excited telling people about our trip. “Well a fifteen year old couldn’t afford that,” her friend responded. Thing is… where both my sister and I went to school, the 15-year-olds could –at least with their parents. It was us  who couldn’t. We never went anywhere. We never did anything. We couldn’t. I’m embarrassed every time I tell people I’ve been been to Disneyland/world/whatever but neither. On the most special of occasions, we’d go out to dinner as a family, but that was for a birthday or something. “Vacation” to us was going to New York. When people look at my sister & I today, they don’t know how little we had. My mother did good. No one knew what we didn’t have. The way she raised us, you’d think she gave us the world. She gave us the only world she had, though. Even gave her world for us.  
     So… Puerto Rico was a memorable experience. Beautiful country. I’m def going back to see the rainforest & apparently they have some of the best quality coffee bean in the world (I LOVE coffee). Friendly people. The women love the dress up. High heels all-day, everyday lol. Perfect beaches (except for the seaweed). My favorite thing is that there are guys on the beach waiting to put an umbrella and chairs out for you. You rent them for the whole day for $10. If I lived in Puetro Rico, I’d live under an umbrella on a beach somewhere. Oh & the weather was pretty perfect. We went mid-October. It was hot, but not sticky. Our hotel was pretty cheap. Flights were $99 each way!! Def a get up and just go type of place. Shakira was awesome in concert. She has an amazing soul & I gained a new respect for her as a person. Overall, perfect trip 🙂

& My sister is my best friend.


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The Beach
The old boss of me. lol

The beaches are super quiet. It’s perfect. 

The Pool: Howard Johnson Hotel

The City: Old San Juan

I had the BEST breakfast & coffee at this place. I’ll give you the name next time I go 😉 

They spay & nuetrer stray cats on the island to maintain population. They’re taken care of by the government. I thought it was pretty cool. 

effin tourists lol