So the above is what I want for Christmas. That’s why I’m single. lol. JK but take a look at Louis Vuitton’s website. They’ve been upgrading the site for a couple months (years?) now. Problem is, the site is built all flash –meaning everything moves & is like a video — so it used to be super slow because that uses a ridiculous amount of space. It was also confusing to navigate. Customers could search within patterns but not between patterns.  The way they’ve set it up now is my absolute fav. The site shows you selections by the bag. I found the bag above by searching for a Neverful and then selecting green. This was the closest option. Thing is, I hadn’t previously known they made this particular bag & had begun giving up on the revered LV. I’m back on board šŸ˜‰

     My hope is that the public also ventures out of the typical monogram bag. Personally, I think the monogram allows people to be too bland. It’s an easy way into the world of fashion. There’s almost zero personality in a monogram bag choice. But… that’s just my opinion. & Perhaps this is what Louis Vuitton has in mind, too –for their own reasons of course.  It would be a smart move figuring many of the other patterns are more expensive and it would greatly impact the company’s revenue to increase the public’s desire for these as well.

Bravo Louis Vuitton (& Mr. Jacobs)!