Today, I decided to revive the “remix”. Diddy’s slackin’ *shrugs* I figured, “Hey, why the fuck not?” With half the nonsense out… I should be able to enjoy my artistry. You see… I want to do everything. Some people wait until they’re in their 40s & 50s to consider the things they’e never done. Well… I’m here to take advantage of every breath I’m fortunate enough to breathe. 

I don’t… sing. I swag. Sometimes I swag with the music on & this is what happens. I know, I know… my voice cracks, I need a “coach,” or (for the angry people) & I really cant even sing, doe… but hey… I’m happy so ummm… fuck it. & if I’ve gotten over my mistakes, I’m sure you can too. Don’t worry. I’ll wait 😉

I’m like Kanye & his leather kilt –I do what the fuck I want to do 🙂
Hope you enjoy as much as I did ❤