We had a trunk show @ work today
 & needed some new (flat) shoes I could wear to the office
without looking like a child or a hoodlum. 


           1: There aren’t enough flat options for women. Most look lame & old-lady-ish. B: Men get it easy at work. I be uncomfortable some days, even though I pretend not to be. Third: I needed a shoe that would look good with leggings/straight legs. Also: We wear all black most of the time, so I needed more options to rotate with the clothing I already own. Sometimes, the shoe changes the entire outfit. I was hooked by the androgyny of the boots shown below. I can wear this same exact outfit with some heels & change the whole feel. Ya diggggggg?!? 
Here’s what I got: 
The lace up ones are suede. 
The boots are a grainy leather (& they reminded me of Timbs). 
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