If you haven’t noticed, I’m trying out something new. I’ve been trying to find a way to give you my purest, most intimate thoughts. Anything posted under “Dear iPad” is probably a bit more sentimental. My iPad has become a diary of sorts. For first hand fun, feel free to follow my tweets  (@PresidentElla) but.. they’re as brutal as my posts can be, so proceed with caution. I just needed a better way to get things off my chest. More… truth. The thoughts I think but not long enough to post them, you know? So… yea… You’re welcome. Don’t mention it. No, really. Don’t mention it. This blog means everything to me. So, yes. I do spend a lot of time figuring this all out. And yes, every post I publish matters to me. But that doesn’t mean I expect it to matter to you. I don’t expect anything. I don’t expect anyone to agree. I don’t expect any comments. To be honest, I don’t expect anyone to read. Every time I push “publish” I’m just glad I’ve got whatever was ailing me off my chest. In essence, I don’t give a fuck about anyone but myself. This is for me. If it helps you, that’s for me, too. I mean… It’s what I want. 
      I know, I know….