Dress: H&M
Feather Earrings: H&M
Cross earrings: Betsey Johnson
Watch: Skagen
Bracelets & Rings: Various, including Calvin Klein
Silver Necklace: Givenchy        
Purse: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

         Sometimes, the jewelry says it all because the dress won’t  speak for itself. Whenever in doubt, I count on my accessories to create the outfit for me. I had no idea what to wear to Silver Spoon June’s mixtape release party at Katra so I went for all black. All black works because no one knows if you’ve worn that dress out (whether you have or not). Most black dresses ultimately look the same until you get up close. If you want to make a statement with the “little black dress” opt for ones that have intricate details or tailoring that you can only see in person/up close. The dress I wore last night was a sweater night with see through patches. It can work well as a shirt if I put a tank underneath, but tonight I wore a slip to convert it into a slutty *cough* I mean, sexy dress 😉 Look at the pics below to see the transformation. 
           I wanted to be low-key, but still stand out. So this was the perfect combination. I knew there’d be plenty other black dresses, but no accessories like mine. I also knew I was going out to a club and… I was more on business than anything else. So, I wanted to look like I wasn’t supposed to be there. The bag I brought out was technically too big for the club, but… with a pair of flats, business cards galore and a clementine in case I got hungry, I needed room. It also gave me a…umm.. don’t give a fuck vibe. Paired with the leather, open-toe clogs, I felt a little “rock star” coming on –and who gives a fuck less than rock stars? 

           As for the accessories, I piled them on.  I usually do, though. I like to mix gold and silver because it seems most people are afraid to. Also, I can never make up my mind so I wear both. The feather earrings were perfect in giving a soft touch to all the heavy metal (I’m such an effin rock star) I had on.  I also wore studded black belt you can’t see in the photos simply because I felt I was too heavy on the top… meaning my outfit wasn’t balance. Sometime your shoes do too much, or your earrings, or whatever. You have to balance the attention. Adding a belt allowed me to differentiate the top of my body from the bottom and provided that “hour-glass” curve we women of color tend to pride ourselves on 🙂 Still, when I held my bag down by my waist, the bracelets and fringes from the bag helped with the overall balance of the outfit.

w/o accessories.

 W/ Accessories