Dress: Milly
Watch: Skagen
Shoes: Aldo
    So, I wore this  dress to work today. I got it from my sister. She was hesitant to wear it becuase someone said she looked like a flight attendant once. Yet, every time I wear it, I get random compliments; from women my age, younger, and maybe 4 times it! Perhaps because it’s designer, Michelle Smith aims for a “youthful” look with staying in line with “timeless silhouettes”.  
         I think this dress works well on me because of my curves. It falls flat from the waist but hugs in all the right area without being whorish. Still, it’s super covered up so I can maintain the professional look I go for from 9am-7pm. While at work, I try to compliment my curves rather than hide or accentuate them. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve got in the least bit, but if my co-workers want to see something, they can drop by the XXX video store down the block. Other than that, the dress is  super comfortable and pretty heavy. Works well in this (bizarre) summer-ish weather but transitions well to an office like mine where they put the AC onAntarctica. 
      When I wear a dress like this, I keep the accessories plain and professional. The dress already does a lot on its own. Accessories should be used to either liven up an outfit or tone it down. This here is an example of that. A simple watch paired with a ring or two and you’re pretty set for the day. I tend to opt for silver jewelry at work just because it looks cleaner and more refined. You don’t have to wear bangles up the arm every day –same with the shoes. The Aldo open toed clogs I paired with this don’t do too much on their own –which is perfect –but still give me a ladylike air while the leather helps with that look of “youth”.