It’s about time I fill you in.

       7. That’s how many “men” I supposedly met that night we went out to Club Rebel. Honestly, I give my number out to anyone who asks for it. “Seven?!” My cousin practically yelled in my ear, “Why so many?” “Because I could,” I responded like the smart-ass I was raised but followed up with, “Seven guys means seven dates.” At least it does to me. If I work it right, I can do a date a week. That’s almost two months worth of entertainment. Some guys will want to see you immediately. Others will take a while to smooth talk into taking you out –but overall, you just get to meet people.  Why seven? Because I know that I don’t like most men I meet. And some are tougher to coax into a decent date. Seven gave me a better chance than 3. & Lots better than one. The thing is,most men aren’t deserving of your time. Thy think they’re so suave. That they’ve said the right things. But they have no idea what they’re up against. When you don’t want a man, you don’t want him. & it’s been a tough battle finding what I desire. 
        Whore. You might want to call me that. But, in reality, it’s just your own subconscious talking. Or perhaps your own inability to enjoy someone with becoming physically involved with them. I pity you. The way I work the situation is by offering nothing more and nothing less than the full truth.  I’m not looking for anything. We can be friends.  I’m busy. With those three phrases I’ve covered all bases. Here’s what I’ve really said: I’m not interested in moving forward with anyone –especially not you –and even if I did, I don’t have the time for it.  

    I don’t go out on weekdays, I add when they ask when I’m free. This is my only (partial) lie. I like to keep men confined to the weekends. I don’t lose sleep on men I don’t know and if I am going to be a little late to work, it isn’t going to be off of some random nigga taking my sleep time. If I’ve given you a weekday, you should understand the value of my time must be matched by the value of you. Now, you might think me cold. Unemotional. A bitch, even. Oh well. The thing is, allI want is a little entertainment. I don’t want someone I have to tend to. I don’t have the time for it. I also don’t want him to feel like he’ll be swimming in it anytime soon –if at all. 
        I don’t do “Blockbuster” nights. I might be the reason Blockbuster went out of business. There are way too many men who want to lay up with you the first chance they get. You’ll know how “into” you they are when you push for something other than a make-out session. The truth is, most men stop calling me because I just want to be taken out. But I’ve realized that… I simply don’t want them all in my shit.  Men think that they can get you alone in a room and smooth their way into a kiss on the neck and move towards whatever else and, don’t get me wrong, some can –but only if I want you too. You must be out of your mind to think that I want you all to do this. If I’m physically attracted to a guy -and want to take it to another level, there is no questioning how I feel. He’ll know it. If you and I sit and have a conversation about how I don’t have sex –a conversation I am well versed in, there is no chance, hunny. Some of these men just want company. Or they’re too dumb to understand that they’ve lost the battle before it’s begun. So when I’m asked what I like to do, I also give the real answers: I like to lay in my bed and tweet. Alone. I listen to music. Alone. I read. Alone. I let them know that I’m not looking for company, I’m looking for entertainment. My bedroom is not a venue. 
         I enjoy male company more than that of females. I like to be escorted. To be treated. I like to feel like I’m with a “protector”. I can’t get that when I’m out with females. That’s when I  feel like the protector. That’s why I date so much. I like male company — but these guys won’t play the fool for too long. Eventually, they get tired of taking me out with nothing in return. That’s when I go back out and stack up on my next 7 dates. And to be honest, I love attention. When you’re out with a guy, he pays attention to you. If he took the time to take you out, he actually likes you –at least a little. So when you go out with him, it’s all smiles and compliments. You feel special. You feel wanted. Who doesn’t want that? 
     Honestly, I don’t think I’m a bad person. Actually, I think I’m a great person which is why I understand why these guys elect to take me out and continue to call once I’ve grown bored. There isn’t a two-way connection. We aren’t meant to be. You meet these guys and you know, from the jump, that it won’t work out. That he’s not exactly your type. His flaws are all too visible. But a girl gets lonely. And these boys help ease the pain. For an hour or so, you forget that your heart is somewhere else. Meanwhile, you get to eat some good food. & I prefer candlelight. So I apologize, but until the day my Prince Charming comes back to me, I’m going to take these boys for what they’re willing to give. No more. No less. But I promise you, I let them all know in advance. 
      What’s more bizarre is how 7 men can’t add up to one. If you ain’t the one, you just ain’t the one. So I date them all, just to make sure. One date is all it takes. Actually… one exchange. One conversation. One glance. And they know it, too. There’s no way they think I’m the woman they’ll end up with. And if they do, it’s because I, ultimately, wouldn’t be a bad choice. But when that person is the one there is no doubt. It just is. 
      And so I’ve taken on a new route. I date. It’s what I do. Because… people are awesome. You can have an amazing time with someone if you simply participate.  It’s great conversation. And you get to pick out a killer outfit.  And honestly…. it’s practice. Dating guys puts you into uncomfortable situations. You meet their friends when you don’t want to. Parents in the most awkward places. You simply know how to be. You can actually talk to them. You can figure out what  men typically like and what they don’t. Honestly, dating grooms you into the significant other you should be. Technically, I’m single. But I’m learning how no to be without my mishaps affecting the relationship I really want. 
This guy told be recently that I’m too vague… I’m working on that. But if you’re trying to figure out what’s really going on in my head..just stay tuned. I’m in a very FML situation and trying to clear my mind in the most appropriate order.
More coming soon.