Skirt: Liz Wear by Liz Claiborne
Purse – My mom’s closet.
Necklace – Forever 21
1st & 2nd set of earrings – My mom’s drawers.
3rd earring (bow & wing) : Betsey Johnson

       I went for a walk in the park then did some grocery shopping. That’s it & that’s all. All  I needed was a bit of comfort. Jersey fabroc always does well in this weather: it’s light and breathable in the heat but protects you from the breeze. I paired the silk skirt with the hooded top to combat its excessive feminine tone with a casual air.   
        This outfit also came in handy when I was browsing the produce and frozen aisles. (You know how absurdly cold it can be in a supermarket. It was a perfect balance for a day when it’s not too hot, but far from cold. When I did get a little hot, I just bunch the skirt up in my hand and show a little leg 😉 Best part about this outfit, is that I could wear it anywhere and look respectable.  I could meet friends for dinner,  a guy for a date  and even meet his parents in this one outfit, I think.  I like shit that multitasks. 
         Look, I was covered up, okay? Mostly because this is how I dress and partially because I’m 23 and should act like it. The skirt flows almost obnoxiously in the wind and gets me the attention I want but doesn’t have to be a super short whore skirt. Reserve the whore-wear for the club –that’s what I do, at least. We, females,  tend to opt for tight and short because it’s more “sexy” but we just end up looking trashy and easy.  I assure you that, in this outfit, felt no lack of attention. I know you might think this is “mom” attire, but hey… at least I’ll know how to dress when the day comes. It’s okay to cover up sometimes, and this  is how you do it.  
 TIP: Pair your “Mom” outfit with funky jewelry and you’ll automatically get that youthful look back. 


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