What do I do?
     You never stop believing. For a minute there, I forgot that dreams come true. Because too many people say they won’t. Too many… haters out there. They tell you that nothing is perfect. That life won’t turn out the way you want it. That you “never know”. 
Fuck that. 
      Never let go of your fairytales. The moment you do is the moment all else comes crashing down. Don’t stop believing in your dreams. No matter how farfetched. Actually… especially the ones that seem far. I can’t say that they will, for certain, come true. But I know –for a fact –that if you don’t believe in them, they will never realize. You won’t accomplish anything you go into half-heartedly. If you want it, get it. Fuck what “they” say. Fuck what “they” think. “They” don’t matter. 
       There is an army of nay-sayers marching in your mind. You must defeat them. Lives will be lost. It’s inevitable. You might have, at a point previous, thought the battle was won. But you walked away torn and bruised. Confused as to which strategy to employ next. But you need to understand that in every battle lost there are lessons you can learn. I mean… what doesn’t kill you arms you. Prepares you for the next battle. You’ve walked away with minor inflictions but nothing that can deter you from moving forward. From progressing. From getting what it is you aimed for in the first place –that is, if you remain focused –because every battle you fight is always the means to the same end: Happiness. 

        I want you to listen to your heart. Do what you feel is right without hesitation. You know what  Jay said about he who hesitates in war? He who hesitates is lost.  I don’t want you to miss out. Not on one opportunity or experience. You do what you feel is right. You’ve got to learn to trust yourself. Even in the poor decisions you make –My poorest decisions were the ones I am most grateful for. It is better to regret having done something, than to wonder how it would have been had you tried. 
     Don’t let it slip away.  Have faith. If you believe in it, it’s real. It’s yours. You don’t have to justify it to the world. They only person who should co-sign the decisions you make is yourself. You should be your biggest supporter. Your #1 fan. Confide in your heart. It won’t steer you wrong. That is the only thing I can promise. 
    In a world controlled by fear of rapists, terrorists, pedophiles and mass murderers, we need something. We need love. We need happiness. If there is one thing you can do to make the world a better place, it’s to believe in yourself. The least you can do  is make yourself  happy –even if no one understands why you’ve made the decisions you’ve made. At least your happy. 
        If you think he loves you, he loves you. If you think, one day, you’ll rule the world –start picking out your crown. Somewhere, we lost our fairytales. We stopped believing in love at first sight. Princes and princesses were storybook characters. Hard work got you nowhere and a college degree wasnt worth shit. Somewhere along the path, the road flipped right the fuck upside down. And anyone left believing in love, success and education was certifiably insane. Anyone believing in themselves… well… we’re the new 5 percenters
       We are gods in our own right. If there is anyone who can make your dreams come true, it’s you yourself. No one else. You are the ruler of your world. You can make shit happen if you really want it to… and when it comes to love, find yourself a god just like yourself, and he’ll treat you like the goddess he recognizes you to be. 
         So what do you do? You do the impossible. You do it twice.