So here’s the truth. I hadn’t even really told him that I write. I’ve slipped it in here and there but I’ve held back because I’ve gotten the feeling time and time again that he has no respect for my craft. I don’t mean it in a “you suck” way, I mean,  in the manner many approach it. With the idea that “it’s just writing”. And to some people, it means nothing. To some people, it’s simply putting words together. And he gives me the feeling that he thinks he can write just as good as, if not better than, everyone out there. It’s tough to tell someone your dreams and aspirations if they think they’re worthless before you even being your story. I’m not sure he supports my love of words. And that hurts. It fuckin hurts. He’s never read any of my work, but I hope that when he does, he gains a bit of respect for me. He’ll never understand how difficult writing is until he starts a blog of his own. Until you realize that 100 views a day is a bitch to get. And that I can get 5,000+ views a month of the strength of my words. & I’m a regular nobody. Can you do that?