People are funny. Just so happened she published her nonsense on “Unfinished Business” 9 measly minutes after I posted “You Need People Like Me.” Funny how I knew it was coming. Funny how I felt like someone was bound to think something. Someone would play the hero and try to… how do you say… “save a hoe”? Aside from the overtly obvious hateration from this anonymous reader, the girl  tried to come at my who being, no? Lol. It amuses me. The anger of disassociated parties. The need to be part of something and have your voice heard. On one hand, I understand it, for I love to state my opinion, if I haven’t made that obvious enough. On the other hand… You still read what this “hoodrat” puts out. If you’re not an avid reader, I still thank you for the solitary view. My “monetize” tab is looking healthy right now. 
There are a few topics this comment brings to mind. & I’ve been waiting for inspiration so here it goes:
Do men really stay away from Black women? Why? Can we change it? Is there anything to change?
“Setting us Back: Who is Us?”
Can Black people be individuals? Why does every one person need to represent the rest of the whole?
“Attitude: You’ll Never Get a Real Man.”
Is changing yourself the real way to appease men? 
“The High Horse vs the Old Mule”
Where does the line between cocky and confident actually rest? Or is it that people with low-self worth hate to see others give themselves more value?
Give me some time, I’ll add in links as we move along.