You don’t call me.
So please,
Don’t call me.

I’m doing just fine with out your texts.
Without your concerns.
Without your hellos
for goodbyes
Hey’s with 2 e’s and 3 y’s
Im doing just fine

thank you.
notice I didn’t ask you how you are
because I couldn’t give a fuck less.
why do we
do this.
why do we bring it back around
with men who never gave a fuck
and promise ourselves we wont give a fuck
until we do
and then do
it is always great the first time.
unless its not
and sometimes when its not
we still pretend it is
because its too late
so you fake

yes everything.
Can  I sound it out for you tell me if is sound familiar?
the slow daddy’s and
right there babys
like that
like that
like that…

You like that?
You said you liked that.
Matter fact you said you loved it
but I guess we was both fakin it wasn’t
doesn’t taste like a lolipop daddy?
I mean you did it like it was one
so you can tell ya boys you didn’t like me
you never trusted me
you really don’t wan me
but you ate like you was hungry daddy
You remember.

 But you
don’t want me
so please dont want me
not as a friend
a confidant
a pal
a partner
if you can forget me,
please do it.

I don’t want you to
 friend me
poke me
tag me
link me
follow me

So do me a favor.
And please. 
Tweet the next bitch.

Let them birds tweet back.