If you fell off tomorrow, I’d be there to catch you.
If you didn’t smell so good, I’d get you some Dolce cologne.
You wouldn’t get locked up & sentenced to a quarter century, cuz a girl like me will make enough to support you financially.

If you were hit and you were hurt, I’d never leave your side.
I always put in work. I’m always down to ride.
No need to get out & peel a nigga cap. Please, just chill & drive.

Ask your questions, I’ll let you know just how I feel inside.

I don’t need a baller or a man who flips burgers at Burger King.
I need a man who does for self. Something respectable & in  between.

In the bed, if you use your tongue… I won’t fight that.
Write me love letters so I can write back.
I enjoy a little tree as my nightcap.
I just want to do what I like? You know I like that.

The ends should justify –if your means is thuggin. I won’t leave, cuz of my daddy -with me, you gotta worry about cousins.
I’ll believe you if you show me I’m the one you’re lovin.
I aint mad… I want you to ask me all your questions.
I don’t know if we’re soul mates, but if so, I thank God for this blessing.

I hope I can trust you enough to tell you my dreams.
I’ll also need to trust you enough to let you into my jeans.
If you’re down, I promise, I’ll make you smile.
Treat me how I want to be treated. I know you know how.

If you were with some other chick and someone happened to see,
When I ask you about it, please lie to me.
I’ll believe you. Thing is, I don’t want to leave you.
No matter how deep our bond, I can’t allow you to do me wrong.

You’re only human boy. I know you’ll make mistakes,
but I hope you understand what making up is gonna take (Drop, drop 5stacks on the make up bag.)
I know you love me, Fat kid. You wanna put ya face all in the cake đŸ˜‰

I like your style.
Just keep making me smile.