Dear Ella, 

Liking all the blogs. What other topics do u have. How bout love or what’s important in life?
Heyyy Sunny, 
  Isn’t everything? I mean… what’s important to a particular person is always the most important isn’t it? Like how Black people have a tendency fight for equal rights based on skin color but fail to stand up for other oppressed groups (ie. religious or sexual orientation?) Not only Black people. Spanish people do it, too. Wanting to be equal but refusing to be Black.
     This post is coming from a combination of various sources.   Besides the fact that I woke up to MLK Jr’s speech on TV this morning, I’ve recently started messaging my lastest blogs on FB (Heyyyyy!! to my new readers.) and it’s been… motivating to say the least. Some people removed themselves from the group. I ain’t mad. & The reason I ain’t mad is because I can’t see if they remove themselves unless I look for it. I only looked once. I will not look again. The motivation, though, comes from the inbox messages & wall posts I’ve been getting in response. I try to respond to all of them. Because I feel like if a person took out the time to read my piece, I owe them the respect to at least read their messages. & each one of those messages makes my day. 

    Like I said in my FB message, I  literally write what’s in my heart or in my mind. I know it was cheesy… but it’s the only thing I could say to you, because it was truth. You see, I went to a Friend’s school for high school, which is a school based on the foundations of the Quaker religion. It’s kinda like a Catholic school except really laid back. Quakers were hippies –at least in respect to other religions. Their “mass” is literally held in silence. You simply sit and reflect. But if you want to say something, you’re welcome to stand and speak. (In high schools, they tend to put a mic in the middle of the room.) The idea is that you should only speak if you feel moved to. This way, you don’t have someone simply talking at you to fill space. If someone does speak, it’s interpreted at God speaking through that person because they believe that God is in every person. So everything said in Quaker Meeting is always important. So when I write here, I really only write what’s important to me & only when I feel like writing. I can only I can be me for me. I can only see through my eyes.  This is important to me. My thoughts. My blogs. My readers. People wonder why I blog & when I find time. Well, I love this. So I find time. 
     Sometimes, the world imposes on us morals and expectations that we feel obligated to live by. We are told what is important and what is not. What has value and what does not. & Sometimes, we impose our own views on the rest of the world. We think that whatever is important to us should be important to everyone else. But it’s not. & I think that that is the most important thing in the world. We have to understand that each of of us views the world through our own lens. Years back, I had a conversation with my cousins about the paths each of us was on. My cousin Jay was finishing (or had just finished) trade school, I was at Loyola and Kikito was working his ass off. We were all on different roads, headed the same place: Adulthood. Jay felt getting a trade was more reliable than a traditional 4-year program. & he was right. For him. I mean, he got a job. I thought 4-year was a better path for me. And I was right. I mean.. I got a job. Kikito? He been  had a job. lol. So there was no judging what was right or wrong. That day, after that conversation, I think we all grew. At least I did. We had just reach understanding and facilitated acceptance. Something that is very hard to find in this world. 
      I started college as a Psychology major. Cuz they make decent bucks & I new I wasn’t going to pay enough attention to be a Biology major and could never submit my life to a doctor’s work schedule. (I party too damned much.) Eventually, I switched over to Communications, finding my niche in Advertising and supplementing my inner-self with a Writing minor. In all honesty, I just did what made me happy. My happiness was important to me. The only extracurricular I took on, full fledged, was the Loyola University Annual Fashion show (that was my baby, yall). & No one thought it was important.  When I  say “No one” I mean, I stood in front of a professor while she asked “What’s the point of that?” All I could to was eat it and tell her I hoped she would attend this year. Needless to say, I turned into a fashion show Nazi. It was important to me. I wanted things done. & done right. The same way an incision in a patient needs to be done correctly, I think a fashion show needs to be done correctly as well. You can call me base if you’d like… but I’m the one who determines what is important to me. 
      I remember once having a conversation with my friend Ashley… Now… I think this is one of those times when you have a convo, and you get upset by something but the person doesn’t truly mean it. You know… when you read into a convo too much. I never told her, but she mentioned how my work load in school wasn’t as tough as hers because I was a Communications major. She was a Bio major… I think? lol. But I was offended. There was a feeling of “who are you to say”. Because I worked hard. And the shit I turned in was quality.  But… In this world… the only kids who are “working hard” are the pre-med majors, right? Well, success was as important to this Advertising major as it was to them. I’m just happier. At the end of the day, though, I know Ashley understands how I feel, especially due to her newest endeavor in Real Estate –not quite biology lol. 
      But why can’t the bullshit I write about be important? To be honest, I spent my entire high school career standing up for the important things. President of our diversity group, I fought for equality on all fronts as one of the what… 5 black kids in my graduating class? Prompting discussion with controversial topics at our meetings (which had awesome turnout, let me tell you). I worked hard. Because that was important to me. & it still is now. Which is partially why I moved to Harlem. To be amongst what I like to call, mi gente. My people. At least people who look like me. I live on Malcolm X blvd, not by mistake… but from an inner longing to take this world by storm & get what is rightfully mines: a couple acres & a Mercedes. 
     So while you read this, I’m sorry, but not everything is going to be “deep” as people like to say. Because no one always thinks that way. Why do people always feel so pressed to say something prophetic? To speak on shit they have no idea about? Sometimes shit they don’t even really care about but they think they’ll sound smarter if they give their input. Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of shit we dont care about. For example, I don’t really care about the health care reform because I have insurance.  So, while I feel for the people who it affects, it’s not a topic that’ll be on the forefront of my mind until it is. My thoughts vary. My posts will be on everything from Democrat vs Republican to Gucci vs Prada.. Sometimes, shoes are the most important thing in my life. From 9:30-6:30, my job is most important. When I’m writing this, Strunk & White is very  important. I’ve seen the way people categorize this blog. Sometimes they call it “fashion” or “entertainment” or “opinion”. Do me a favor yall… Don’t put me in no boxes. At 5’2, I’m too big of  person. I really stand 20ft tall. You can’t package this. I hope you allow me to be a whole person. 
        If you’re looking for posts with substance, you can read on “Race Posts” or these on “Love” or maybe these on “Dating“. I’m trying to find out how to make this site easier to navigate to organize the 126 posts on here so far. A real website in the works but for now, feel free to to use the search tab at the top. Just type something in. Or email me @ if you have a suggestion. Check out “Ask Ella” & I’m sure to write about what you want to read.  Eventually, at least. I can promise you that. 
     So I’m off my BIG – “Juicy” right now….  if you browse through the blogs, “It’s all  good”.  I promise you I’m the next big thing.
& Again, thank you for reading. Hope I can meet all your expectations. 
& This is dedicated to the people who removed themselves from the EllaThought Blogs group when all I’m tryina do is blow up like the World Trade. 
You know very well who you are. 
Wont let you hold me down.
Reach for the stars.
I have a goal.
& it’s to blog my ass into a Editor’s position somewhere. 
so I’ll give you good & plentyyy. 
& If you don’t know, now you knooooow!!