If I should die, don’t cry, my niggas. Just ride, my niggas. Bust bullets in the sky, my niggas. & When I’m gone, don’t mourn, my niggas. Live on, my niggas. When it’s real say, “Word to Shawn,” my niggas. 
This is how it’s going to go down. 
      I want a small goodbye. For the people who ask. I don’t want any phone calls made, asking people to show. My family can call one of my friends from college and one from home. My mother can tell my grandmother, one person in Santo Domingo and one of my NY aunts. That’s 5 calls. That should be enough. The word can disseminate as it needs to. This way, I know that only the people who want to be there will be there. The wake will be on one day, for 2 hours. You either come for the whole time or not at all. If you care, you’ll make it. If not. I’ll be watching. 
Afterwards, I’ll be buried beside my big brother. 
    That night, we party. I want a club rented out. It doesn’t have to be the 40/40, but it’s gotta be a hot place. (& not in Rhode Island.) Everyone in their flashiest gear. Your most expensive shit. I want labels in that bitch!!! You must shine to get in. No low-profile outfits. I’m talking TACKY. Sequins, feathers, fur & jewelry. & No heels, no entry. Ya’ll know me. 
    There will be 2 limos. One smoking/one non-smoking. The person/L ratio must not fall below 2/1. I’d prefer it be 1/1, in honor of me. The motto will be to each their own. You’re not required to smoke. So you can go in the other limo. If you do smoke, you should have your own.  
      To get into VIP, you’ve got to be vouched for. Everyone I know knows each other. This is how it goes. Family is family. They’re VIP by default. & My cousins know my best friends from home. My best friends from home know my best friends from school. & it pretty much ends there. My friends know who they are & it’s you plus one. But, out of respect, bring someone who at least met me.  
& bottles. Order booottttttttttttttttttlllllleeeeesssss. & Champagne. A bottle of Hennessy for my brother-in-law & the best bottle of wine for my sister with a crystal glass for her to drink out of. If the club doesn’t have one… somebody better find one for her.  & my sister knows the sound of crystal. Don’t try to play her.
& that’s it
Oh… request Jay-Z. Drink up. & tip the bartenders.