Because I’m the coolest person in the world, I just finished watching Beauty and the Beast. Watching Disney movies as an adult is a complete different experience that it is when you were a child. As the movie began, I was surprised by my excitement… and even more by the thoughts the movie stirred in me. We all know the story, but did we ever listen to what Belle was actually saying? This first musical piece in the film talks about how “odd” she is because she spends her days with her nose in books rather than heeding to Gaston’s attempts to woo her. 
    “It’s just that I’m not sure I fit in here. I have no one to talk to,” she tells her father. At least she had someone to say that to.  I wrote about this briefly in my post “Nothing To Say” –this issue of being the “smart girl” and the [unmentioned] issues that come with that persona. Namely, not having anyone to have conversation with.  Not my friends and not men. Everyone pretends to be more “mature” than they are. Why after a certain age, do men think they can’t be fun anymore? I want to have fun with someone. I want to joke and laugh and… be myself. Even if we don’t have Stem-Cell Research conversations, I want him to understand what that means and to be able to comprehend if someone where to explain it to him. 
      I also want someone who’s living their own life. After Gaston’s imprudent proposal, Belle sings out, “I want want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And, for once, it might be grand to have someone understand. I want so much more than they have planned.” I think men have been pushed off my by my strength in character. Maybe because I’m an Aries (but that’s probably BS, as  I said in the “Zodiac” post). But I haven’t seen the world yet. I want a man who would be okay with still living life. Granted, one day I’d love to be a housewife and raise a shit-load of grubby, grimy little kids that look like us, but until then, I want to get to know myself… more so I want to get to know him. We should have experiences together. To be able to reminisce about things beyond the simple dating and then straight to kids. I want to experience him  in this vast world. I want to live. It’s not that I’m restless or searching for men, it’s that I’ve never seen the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Library of Alexandria.. I haven’t seen the world. I want to experience it all and I need someone who can and is willing to do that with me. If not, I’m going to have to do it alone. But I will do it. 
      Eventually, you get tired of being locked up in a house, no matter how pretty the house. “Promise or no promise. I can’t stay here another minute,” Belle exclaims as she runs of of the Beast’s castle. I talk a lot on here about taking men for their money.. and yes. I do it. But only to an extent. These relationships never last past a couple of dates. I can’t bring myself to maintain such a false relationship and eventually, I stop picking up the phone. The Beast gave Belle everything except his compassion. If a man can’t give me his heart, I can’t stay around either. Money buys shoes. Not love. After the Beast fought off the dogs for Belle, she returned to his castle and saw to his wounds in a very “hanging out the window when she first sen ’em fight. She was so turned on that she had to shower twice,” kind of way. It was when they first connected. If there is any Prince I’d want, it’d be the Beast. I don’t care of any other the other pretty boys prancing around. I want the one who lived before me. The one who will be grateful for my love and my compassion. One who will feel like they are blessed to have me in their life. A girl just wants to feel… wanted. 
   Time is the only thing that moves forward beyond anyone’s control. Over time you get to know a person for who they truly are. The “Beast” doesn’t necessarily need to be someone unattractive, sometimes the prettiest guys are still inherently ugly. They put up a front of being draped in labels and try so hard to impress you that it’s a disgusting act to watch. These guys might not be bad people, but I’d rather the quiet, humble man. I’d rather try hard to break that barrier than to have to saw through a cocky facade. I’d rather shine a rough stone into a diamond. Similar to how, at the dinner table, Belle ate her soup straight from the bowl because Beast couldn’t manage with a spoon. You learn to make consessions to understand and adapt to each other.

      Some guys are just too tough on the outside. (ahem! ________) I wish they’d just lighten up and be honest about their feelings. If you want nothing to do with me. Don’t talk to me. Don’t text me. Don’t aswer my texts. Don’t aim me or Facebook message me. Or… anything. Just let me forget about you. Don’t torture me. It’s really not right and honestly more than I can bear. But…If you like me, tell me. Please. If only you knew how far we could go it you’d just be honest. If you would just open up and tell me what you feel. Take advice from Lumiere. 

You care for the girl don’t you? asked Lumiere.
More than anything, responded Beast.
Well then, you must tell her.

You must tell me. You’ve… got to. & Don’t be so afraid of me. I probably feel the same way you do.
      I’m still looking for my Prince. I haven’t given up. Either he’s out there or Disney has engraved in me a false sense of hope. I’m not ready to bend. I’m not ready to make allowances like I talked about in “The Exeptions”. I asked you all and myself, “Does Everybody Get a Soulmate?” and my answer remains —maybe. & Really it’s all so that one day I can say, in the words of Chip, “See? I told ya!”