Heyyy Ella, 

so ive got another one for you if you have the time. Whats your view on people basing their dating criteria off of zodiac signs? And how one sign supposedly works with another based off something that usually people will just google?

Concerned With [Signs]. 

Dear Signs,

     I’ve always got time 😉  I’m going to admit that when I first read your question, I took on the “psshhh, that’s dumb, obviously” state of mind… Really though, it was just a clue to myself that I needed to step back and think about it more. 

     Do I believe that horoscopes and zodiacs are the end all be all of our relationships and actions? No. Do I still read them? Yes. I don’t know why… I guess it’s similar to fortune cookies, they just make you look at your situation from another angle, a sort of detached perspective that we take to heart because there’s no way your horoscope “be hatin” on you, now is there? When you ask your friends for input, there’s always a chance that there opinions are influenced by something outside. 

     Reverting to google might be our (new-age) method of getting advice with out the backlash or being judged. Another confession: I just looked up the compatibility between me and a guy before writing this post. Thing is, the article pretty much summed up what’s going on between him and I. I think… either it’s true or the article simple gave me reasoning as to why things are happening the way they are. So it provided a bit of comfort. Maybe my strong Aries personality is clashing too much with his insecure Cancer persona…. or maybe he just doesn’t like me like I like him. You see how the compatibility chart took it a lot easier on me? The entire article talked about how (by the stars and the moons) he and I are complete opposites and hardly ever does a relationship between us two work, but it left off with telling me that it can work with one thing: hard work. Which  doesn’t really say anything. If he doesn’t like me, he doesn’t like me. 
      Or maybe the Zodiac is the ultimate truth. Maybe I do need to work harder. But there’s a chance that’s I’m saying it’s all bullshit because it didn’t give me the exact answers I want to hear. Which goes something like this: “You’re meant to be, all you need to do is call him and he’ll say he loves you, too. You’ll be married in the fall of 2014.” I believe in the Zodiac as much as I believe in any other deity I can’t see. No mean to offend anyone, but all these theories of life have the same amount of backing as the next. If you do believe in horoscopes, that’s good for you. They say we all need something to hang onto. Personally, I think that people do need to match up, but no one has “needs to be a Scorpio or an Aries” on their list. I don’t know how the personality thing for Zodiacs work (except for my own sign) and honestly don’t have the time to memorize all of them and find my perfect match. 

     When a guy asks me my sign, it’s a turnoff to me. Especially if they know too much about it. Like… it’s cool if you know a little bit, but I’m not interested in signs like that, so I can’t keep up with the conversation. All I know is I’m an Aries, and I’m (supposedly) stubborn so I don’t want to talk about horoscopes. I do, though, think its cute when a guy asks and admits that he doesn’t know anything about it either…. but it’s a conversation question. That’s fine. It’s even a little funny. 

    Really, I only believe in my horoscopes or compatibility matches when they’re positive or true. Much like how people cling to any theories or religions that best suit them. People believe in what makes them the happiest. Whatever brings them fulfillment. And when one theory fails them, they move onto the next. Jesus nor Buddah nor…(I’m all out of gods) could give me an answer for why it’s so hard for me and __________ to actually move forward… so I shifted to the Zodiac. 

    The Zodiac always has answers; Yearly, monthly, weekly, daily. Relationship, family or career-wise. I just think it’s convenient and (guilt/monetarily) free. 

May the moons be with you 😉