I don’t want a boyfriend at the moment. Unless of course he’d like to be part-time as I discussed in my post, “Part-Time Boyfriend Needed: Accepting Applications Now.” But the truth is that sometimes, I get lonely, not for physical satisfaction, simply for the presence of someone other than myself. That’s when The Staring Game happened…. again.
       I love New York City because entertainment is always at your fingertips.  I was walking to my train as I normally do: A slow strut (like I’m walking to the altar). There are so many people on the street and I’m never really in a rush. So I take long strides dow the city streets and try to see if there are any cute guys. That’s not all I look at though, I look at the girls, too! I look at everyone. I had a conversation with my cousin a while ago about New York fashion; there is so much individuality here. Granted, particular types of people have a particular way to dress but there are so many different types of people here that every outfit is interesting (to say the least). People get dressed here and I absolutely love it. So when I’m tromping down Fashion Ave in 6-inch heels, I don’t look out of place.  I can look beside me and see girls just like me, walking on their tippy-toes with their heads held high. It’s nothing short of fabulous. 
       The Staring Game paid off quickly this time around. My new friend, we’ll call him 21 (because he’s 21 and works at Forever 21) decided to follow me into Macy’s as I shopped for a new mattress. He stood by patiently. I didn’t expect him to stay the whole time but he did. & he didn’t press up either. He didn’t input his opinion. He didn’t ask if he could “help break the bed in”. He wasn’t gross. He talked little. Asked me questions about myself. Held conversation. He was a sweetheart.  When he told me he worked at Forever 21, I started to feel like I usually do about men with no degrees, like I mentioned in my last post. Nothing wrong with his grind, his grind just isn’t up to par with mine is all. There’s something about him not being able to afford the things I can afford that is a bit of a turn off. But I didn’t hold it against him. 
       Truth is, I was bored and I hate having to go back to Jersey. So I always stall any way I can. “We should get something to eat,” I said. Eventually we agreed to meet his friends at Burger King, (I know, y’all. I know.) I got myself some fries and settled in for conversation. Thing is, his friends were a cool group in that they were all genuine. I mean that… they allowed me to know them. To sit amongst them as an equal and had conversation with me that was beyond just me. Without trying to get at me. Without any “game”. I got to… hang out.  They allowed me to be one of the boys for just a little while as one of them took on the “I’m the realest nigga out there” attitude and explained to me in detail all of the girls he was messing with. After each story he’d ask, “Does that mane me a dog?” “Nope, you’re a regular guy,” I would tell him. 
      But it happened again, I met another rapper. At the table, I ended up finding out that 21 is also an aspiring Rapper, but unlike the philosopher rapper I met the other day, 21 didn’t brag to me about it. He actually didn’t mention it, his friends did. They claim he’s talented, but maintained that he’s humble. I really do have a soft-spot for the aspiring Hip-Hop artist (not particularly the rapper) and 21’s taste in music pleased me (his recent listens ranged from J. Cole to Black Eyed Peas). 
    Point of this story is, I fuckin love New York, because it was easy for me to meet this guy and have a genuine care-free night full of interesting conversation. That would never happen in Rhode Island, let me tell ya. My brother-in-law told me I should be roommates with a girl so that I can make friends in the city, but I can make friends on my own — in a bizarre, maybe dangerous way, but on my own nonetheless. & I’m glad I decided to hang out with this kid and his friends because I feel like I met… people as opposed to having met a guy.  I think this is because when 21 had asked my if I’m involved with someone I said… “Yes, with myself.” Additionally, I initially had thought that him & his friends were gay & I like (most) gay men the best out of all the people in the world. Especially the ones who are competition for me when it comes to labels. πŸ™‚ I don’t trust many other females & men try to get in your pants too often… gay men are my happy medium. So I continued conversation with him, unaware that he was straight until he made me aware. But I had gone into this looking for friendship & came out on top. Even if nothing comes of this (which it wont) at least I had one good night of entertainment. 
Mission Accomplished. Good fuckin game πŸ™‚