I hop up out of beeedd, turn my Mac ooooon and check my blog.  I just want to see who’s reading… well not really who.. more like if people are reading. Blogger can tell me how many times each blog is clicked on (I don’t track my own page views). I get to work (turn my work Mac oooon) and check my stats again. (PS: If you’re wondering, I never turn my swag off, so no need to turn it on.) While I’m supposed to be working, I blog and check my stats.  My stats never cease t amaze me. Like… I can check my audience and see what country people are viewing my page from. I don’t know a soul in Denmark or Canada, but they’re giving my US readers some healthy competition. For most of my day at work, this is what I’m looking at:
     My favorite stats are the “Search Keywords”. I was most excited when people were searching my (real) name and coming up on my blog. Today though, the keywords have been unusually exciting. Sometimes I wonder what to write about on here. Granted, this writing is primarily for myself, but I want to make sure you guys are entertained as well. And you’ve been slacking on the post requests and topic suggestions, guys. You know I love those! It might take me a minute to get to them, but I promise they’re sitting in my drafts folder and I’ll write them out soon enough. When the moment hits me 🙂 
    Someone out there wants me to talk sex. You’re so nasty. How’d you know I like that?! Don’t worry, I’ve got something for you. “Sex Advice” can focus on many topics and I don’t know what you want. About how to do it? When to do it? Why to do it? Who to do?!? You know what… let’s do them all! As I write the posts, I’ll link them to this post. 
Can you guys talk to me pleeaaasseee?? 
What  I’d loooveee for you guys to do is send me direct questions at HeyyyElla@gmail.com 3 y’s because we all have so many questions dont we?  You can also use the form on the right hand side of the page. Just make up a name and enter my email (heyyyElla@gmail.com) as your email. K? 
Oh, and I’ve been working on that BoyFriend Application. Stay tuned.