I live for the nights that I can’t remember
with the people that I won’t forget. 
Spending all the money I just worked my ass off for. 
Doing things that I won’t regret.
I been waiting way to long, long, long, long…
Telling my niggas we about to be on, on, on, on…
I aint tryina look like I lied to these niggas
That I came up with.
Thats’s my team.
Never would I let a [nigga] come between what we doing right now.
This my dream. 

Drake – “Show Me a Good Time

     On October 2nd, 2010, I attended a Bad Bitch convention in Central Falls, Rhode Island. It was invite only.
That was a joke.
     But really, I went home to celebrate my friend’s birthday. We’ve been friends since the first grade when she made me go with her to the bathroom with her without asking permission. The first time I ever had to stay after school was with her. I knew we would get in trouble, and so did she. That’s the best bad decision I ever made. 
    There’s actually three of us. I met Crystal a year later, in the second grade, when we were all in Ms. Picard’s class. It’s the same year my report card read that I am “very talkative and could do better if she pays attention”. At least I was making friends! My friends and I have an amazing checks and balances system that has lasted through the years.

  We snitch. Not in general but on each other. Anything that is said between two people will undoubtedly be said to the other person. We tell on each other. You should never say anything to anyone that you’re afraid will get out. We’re all very “Yea, I said that,” type of girls. One of my friends for example, is a complete bitch. I tell her this. I mean, it’s one of the reasons I like her, but it also pisses me off sometimes. I’ve told her that, too.  People tend to believe that three people can’t all be best friends at the same time but I beg to differ. The thing is, you all have to actually like each other. It’s easy to get together with one person and talk about the other. And I admit, I’ve done it with them, and they’ve probably gotten together and talked about me. 

    But these girls are my Babies. Like forreal… Crystal’s my wifey (even though she Facebook divorced me) and Sabrina’s my bitch (or beotchh, as she likes to say because it pisses Crystal off).  Crystal’s always been my right-hand-man but Sabrina was always the left.  I don’t have to lift a finger. If I ever needed something, I knew I could count on these girls. As teenagers, we didn’t ask each other for much: Honesty, loyalty, respect… and then there’s wealth. 
    None of us was ever rolling in dough. We all had our numbers for state-granted free lunch. I remember it was a big deal when Crystal had to start paying like… 15 cents, maybe 20 because her mom made too much. 
“I love [their] point of view because [they hold no] punches. Still, I left [them] for months on end… months before I checked back in. Somewhere in a small town [CF!!]. Somewhere lockin’ the mall down…” –Jay-Z “Song Cry”
Man….I love these girls like cooked food. 
     We spent a lot of time apart over the years. We each went to different high schools ( that meant 3 proms for me!) and then I went away for school for four years. Now, I live 4 hours away. So when I go home, and we go out… I’m tellin you. There’s nothing greater. We go out, maybe even to the worst of places and have the time of our lives. We stand somewhere between the bar and the dance floor. Ignoring everyone. Laughing. Singing. Dancing. Lookin’ cute. Concerned only with each other, how much liquor is left in our cups and which one of these guys is going to re-fill it. We live in our own world. 
      I never have a bad night with my friends.  Last weekend, $90 worth of alcohol for Sabrina’s birthday wasn’t nearly enough. (Well, it was more than enough but… you know what I mean.)  I wish I could have done more for her. I don’t know what but.. money has never been a factor between the three of us. Most people have to wait till marriage to understand the feeling of “What’s yours is mine” and some don’t even experience that then. When were were 14 and walking laps around the mall, if I had $10, we each had $3.33333333333. (You know the deal. ) & mostly because I might not have $10 next week. But Sabrina might, or Crystal might. Like Jay-Z said in “Feelin’ It“: “If every nigga is your clique is rich, your clique is rugged. Nobody will fall cuz everyone will be each other’s crutches… These are the rules I follow in my life. You gotta love it. ” 
     Now, Crystal and Sabrina had a conversation about me being a “baller”… stemming from my “Praise is Due to the Most Fly: Prada” post (Crystal snitched).  Let me clarify, I’m not quite ballin’ but… truth is I just got a new job and have a little extra cash in my pockets. I don’t pay rent & I don’t have kids. So, I spend all my money on clothes and liquor. Because I can.  So I threw down last week and covered costs. Because I could. Because I know that if I were ever in a bind, and they had it, I’d have it. Like this summer, when I was fresh out of college and jobless. My mom would give me $40 a week. Enough to get into the club, get 1 or 2 drinks and maybe some McDonald’s afterwards. This summer they covered me at times I didn’t even notice. Like the day my check didn’t post to my account and I had $20 to my name for the weekend. The same weekend we went to Fridays for dinner, the club and to breakfast. I was niiiiice that night, too. LOL. I’ve never not gotten a drink at the club.  And, honestly, I don’t remember touching money when we went to McDonald’s on Saturday, but I sure did eat!
       I’m willing to spend what I have on them for two reasons: #1 I have a habit of dividing my fun funds in three. I told you I’ve known these girls since I was 6. #2 They’re my babies and I like them to enjoy themselves. I’m telling you this is a marriage or sorts. I hope I can speak for them when I say we don’t need men. My ladies give me the love & support I need. They always have.  The only thing a man has that they don’t is a penis. And, in all honesty, they sell those in stores. 
   So I’m going home this weekend. For jello Shots, Grey Goose, chicken and mashed potatoes, gossip, laughing, love & friendship & Jose (Sabrina’s son, because I didn’t get to see him at all this weekend). They always show me a good time. 
I love my team.