“If you grew up with holes in your zapatos, you’d celebrate the minute you was having dough.” – 
Jay-Z “99 Problems” 

     I balled out, yo. In a very mediocre way, of course. For now, I’m living within my means. My eyes gravitate towards monograms and logos but… I’m not quite there yet. So before I make my way to Neiman Marcus, I’m going to make my rounds at Macy’s and see what they’ve got on sale for me. Still, I’ve made significant improvements.  For example, MAC got me for $200 this week. And I’ll probably go back. The only makeup I wear from your local drugstore is Maybelline’s Great Lash Mascara because it actually works better than others I’ve tried & year after year, it’s rated number one.  I have a fixation with quality. & As my eye score the racks, there’s so many things I need…  Last Saturday, I didn’t want to go all the way back to Jersey to get my things so, I had to buy everything except shoes, but including a bra and underwear. If you ever think I’m acting “brand new”, it’s probably because I kind of am. 

Again, I [mediocre] balled out, yo:

Saturday, September 18th. 

$19.95 White Blazer at H&M
$139.90 MAC Makeup —  Mineralize Finish Powder in “Dark”, Pro Long-wear Concealer in “NW 40”, & Cremesheen Glass lipgloss in “DeeLight” 
$46.50 White Dress at Cliquers on 34th. See my Dress!!! (This place is pretty cheap & somehow I spend $46 on a damned dress. Fashion sense is a gift & a curse.)

Monday, September 20th
$93.48 on B.S. tops & cardigans for work at Charlotte Russe.  I actually got this tank top for $2.99 and can you believe this tank top (my fav buy of that day; I got it in the lighter pink) is dry clean only? WhyTF is Charlotte Russe making dry clean only clothes?

Thursday, September 23rd 
$68.00 Jessica Simpson Ciera Grey Suede Booties 

Saturday, September 25th. 
$55.53 MAC Makeup — Leopard Luex Pallet and  Brow Pencil 
$107.99 on Dolce Vita Vienna Tread Sole Heels  @ Macy’s ON SALEE!!!! (Cashier hooked me up with the 10% Visitor Discount, too!)
$80.43 — Last minute outfit at H&M (I’d show you what a bought, but you can’t shop H&M Online: Black velour leggings, & a black top with a leather sash across the top. Simple, all black everything. )
$44.00 Drinks @ Mamajuana Cafe. & NOT because I had to. 

     Here’s the thing though, I don’t have any responsibilities. Call it what you want. I live with my sister. I don’t pay rent. I buy food (oh yea, & I spent $200 at Whole Foods.. smh) when needed. I don’t have kids and if I feel like missing a meal so that I can get some new shoes, that’s my business.  Call me superficial if you want. I welcome you to say, “Eff Ella, she’s fake.”  I’m on a diet anyways. Luckily, like Nicki said, my pockets eatin cheescake!! 

Everybody knows I’m a mother-effin MONSTER. (download here). 

      From this list alone, I’m spending $200 in shoes, $200 in makeup and $200 in clothes a week. That’s $600 a week to maintain my ego. I mean, I didn’t even do the math.  Feel free to check it for me, but please be aware that this doesn’t take into account my MTA card, my PATH card, movies, food, drinks at 809 last week, or things like… body wash. & don’t count those things cheap.  When I go to the movies, I like an Icee, Dibs, a chocolate and a candy plus a “biggest size you got” Pepsi for my cousin & whatever else his heart desires. As for body wash, my skin prefers Neutrogena (OMG this Grapfruit one works soooooo well, try it.). I treat myself, and my company, well. Very well. 

   Now, I’m not braggin (or am I?) but I just got a new job where I’m treated fairly well. I’m not a millionaire. Nowhere close. But I’m living life. I’m not going to tell anyone how much I make, but I will tell y’all what I spend.  Yesterday, I stood at the Sunglass Hut in Herald Square with a this pair of Raybans for $185 in one hand and this pair of Pradas for $225 in the other.  You don’t have to click off the page if you don’t want to: they were the same exact thing with the label being the only difference & $40 in price. But… where do you think I was leaning to?  At the end of the day, Thursday is payday and I’m getting these. You might think $310 is too much to spend on a pair of glasses, but I was walking in the bright sun with my boss the other day, too ashamed to put on my cheap sunglasses because he is THAT fly.  Besides, I’m a label whore & I can afford it.

I never pray to God, I pray to Prada. 

     I used to get upset when people said that I’m spoiled, but it doesn’t affect me anymore. I get what I want. Either it’s given to me, or I work my ass of for it. I get my way. When I go out to  eat with my family, I’m not allowed to look at prices. My brother used to say that the guy who ends up with me is going to have his work cut out for him. My favorite dish is a medium-rare tenderloin topped with lobster tail. I’m only saying that because if they make it, I want it. When I go out with my cousins, I “don’t have to worry about nothing.” That’s what I was told last night… and all nights before. I buy drinks because I can, not because I have to. & When I buy drinks, I’m buying a ROUND.  I don’t need anybody’s money.

      I’m only going to spend more. The chump change I’m spending now is just a warm up. It’s like… stretching. I’m on a real “fuck niggas” trip right now, so I’m gonna surprise myself with Louboutins for Christmas and Guiseppes for Valentines day. IDK what I want for my birthday yet. A bag maybe?

     I’m most grateful for never having to hope that somebody buys me something or pays my way somewhere. Everything I want, I buy.  And when you come from nothing, that is everything. (& That’s a topic for a whole other blog.  Read my  Eff the Jones’s. I’d rather keep up with the Smith’s.)  Forgive me, but I never imagined I’d be able to ball out like I did this week (and I didn’t have to take my clothes off or sleep with anyone). That was my first paycheck. Do you understand the damage I’m going to be doing as time progresses and money accumulates in my bank account? Dooo yoouu???   

With that said, I hope Prada blesses you all. Goodnight!