You see me Fashion Week, front row at all the shows. In your favorite fashion magazines, they feature the Queen. Lil’ Kim – “I Know You See Me”

     For New York’s Fashion Night Out 2010 I was lucky enough to be with women who could join me in silent meditation as we gazed through the windows of the Alexander McQueen store. The celebrities were picture perfect and the clothing was fantastic, but nothing was more beautiful than the friendships I made on the most basic levels. Good food. Good conversation. Good clothes.

     For four years, I was in a place and around people who I could have these conversations with. My mind has been molded to think… constantly. I have a hunger for conversation. A thirst for other’s opinions. I share mine on here without fail, but hearing these people have genuine conversation on morality, faith, love, relationships and marriage –all in a matter of an hour –was and, and always is, fascinating. I get tired of talking about men –rather, talking about men in a base and/or sexual genre. And I love talking about clothes and fashion when people know the names. I didn’t point out the Alexander McQueen store, so I admire the girl who did because she understood its importance. Fashion is simply a genre of my life. Now, I am no model –but I know some. I am no designer –but I follow their works. I am no courtier –but I try to make my way to the 12th floor of my building everyday so I can see them at work. God, do I love Fashion. More so, I love people who love fashion.

     Fashion is more than knowing a few designers. When you learn how society and economy effect clothing, there is a deeper level. For example, during the WWII, clothes were dark and had less fabric because materials were used for the soldiers and designers would be fined if they were making things too flashy, especially designers in Europe like Balenciaga, Dior and Chanel. Even now, with the Chloe‘s House is taking its much deserved place in mainstream fashion, as the modern woman (hard-working, practical, and strapped for cash) has to invest in clothing that can be worn over and over –the trouser. Working women will buy trousers because you can rotate shirts, saving you money and making it seem like you have more clothes than you do.

     My mother sews wedding gowns in our basement to make some extra cash. Have you ever seem someone sew? Put pieces of fabric together to make what you are wearing? Are you aware that there was a time when people had to make their own clothing? My friend Ashley started making pillows for our room once. She made enough for her bed & quit. So every time she says “I’m gonna make…” I say, “You?” It’s not to disrespect her, but sewing, and sewing well are taxing disciplines. She knows this. The world wars, and the migration of people it caused, brought hard working immigrants onto American soil where they shared their skills and started up company (or their children did, like Calvin Klein, for example who was making his own coats when a Bonwit Teller buyer came across him.)

     There is more to fashion than the clothes. More places in the fashion world than just for models and designers. Me? I file folders. In 6-inch heels. And my boss wear Prada.

Call me materialistic or superficial… but you probably just don’t know your shit. I’m thankful for the beautiful people I’ve come across who share this with me. MY Brother-In-Law (who’s worked in fashion for years) once gave me Prada Anklets. “They’re Prada,” he said.  “I mean that doesn’t mean anything but… it means something.”

I know. I know.  & now I’m in the City of Dreams, searching for labels and love.