Stop payin’ these niggas to write y’all shit. For the right cream I write a hot sixteen –Lil’ Kim “N.O.T.O.R.I.O.U.S”

      So, in my 12th grade AP Poetry class and in my Sophomore (in college) creative writing class, we had to start our day with prompts or small writing exercises. So this is my warm up.

     Additionally, whenever I wrote poetry, the white kids would say “sounds so hip-hop!” Unlike Eminem, who says “I shouldn’t have to rhyme these words in a rhythm for you to know that it’s a rap,” no matter what I did, it was a rap. I couldn’t get away. So much so, that I refused to rhyme after a while. & I know other Black poets who have done the same to try to attain some level of respect. I used to take offense, but really, for the right cream, I write a hot 16. But I’d never get into the booth unless I was one of the dudes in the picture above.

  But really, though, my friends & I used to remake songs & put our names into it (especially Young Gunz – “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”. LOL.) Check my new remix.

—————Deuces (The Remix)—————-

Used to be Valentines. 
Together all the time. 
Thought it was true love.
But you know Niggas lie. 
It’s like I sent my love Fed-Ex
for him to sign. 
No confirmation.
Left a message. 
No reply.
We standing side to side
But it’s like I’m left behind. 
Fuck it let’s hit the club. 
I rarely dance.
But let’s get down.  
Cuz when it’s all said and done. 
He’s not gone be the one I’ma  go home to. 
I hate liars
Fuck You. 
I’m tired of crying. 
My heart big. 
& It’s full of fire. 
You wonder why we never vibin
Cuz every time I ask you questions it’s an awkward silence. 
I’ll leave my keys on the kitchen counter. 
You bought me shoes, 
not a fuckin diamond. 
Shit is over. 
Think I don’t know?
Go and tell ya boys that I’m a hoe. 
& Baby, think of me them nights you all alone. 
You saying I be on that bullshit like Chicago. 
But if I say I’m headed somewhere else I bet your ass will follow.
I know we have no future in tomorrow. 
Boy you broke.
So you not the toughest act to follow. 
The other men I’m with never complainin’. 
They give me what I want and what I need.
Russell Simmons. 
Meet us at the register. 
Don’t trip. 
We ain’t at
The Goodwill. 
& if I was 
at least my 
Shit is 
You finally noticed it? 
It finally hit you?
Like Rihanna did Chris in the Caddy.
It probably hit you.
Get a new chick. 
I bet she’ll be at  20.  
Watching Tyler Perry 
wishing that you never left me. 
And all you were to me?
I don’t care about it. 
Soon as a rock hits this finger, 
you gone hear about it. 
Sat and  struggled through ups. And Through downs. 
But I’m jus puttin two up. 
Chuckin up the deuce now. 
I said, “Bye, Bye”.


If you don’t know what to say, copy/paste this: SOMEBODY SIGN ELLA NOW!!!!

PS. I really rapped this. IM NIIIIICE.  LOL.