The assertion of racial beauty was was not a reaction to the self-mocking, humorous critique of cultural/racial foibles common in all groups, but against the damaging internalization of assumptions of immutable inferiority originating in an outside gaze.

 Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye

I wanted blue eyes before. I can’t recall exactly when and I probably didn’t make a full out statement, but I know that I wanted them.  I might have been around the time when I was wearing colored contacts– I had to be like 13– or when I was getting my hair relaxed every month.  
I hated my hair. It wasn’t long enough or soft enough for shiny enough.    

I just finished re-reading The Bluest Eye and this quote made me wonder on the topic of racial-self loathing that I touched on in “Oh, So You Don’t Like Black Girls.” 

I’ll figure out what I want to say soon. For now, just think about the quote & maybe read the book!

Stay Tuned…