I’m a Bad Bitch, I ain’t never been a mixed breed. 

WTF is it with everyone?
     First, these two guys tell my friends that Black girl could never get with them. Both of these guys are light-skinned. Both, technically Black (according to the US Census Bureau and if they think they are not, they are indeed mistaken). Now, I could publicly bash the guys here, but I’m going to restrain myself. One is my godson’s father. The other an ex-convict. I don’t date dads or men who have done legit jail-time. I also don’t date men under 6’2.  & now, I don’t date men who don’t get salaries. Mostly though, I don’t date men who don’t date Black women. Don’t you worry you’re little heads off.
They would never have a chance with this Black girl. 
     Then, I’m talking to my cousin about her baby son & she jokingly talks about how her son “don’t like Black girls. He likes white girls.” I responded saying, “He’ll learn,” but what I should have said is “Poor thing. I’m sorry to hear that he’ll be so deprived.” Yes, deprived –from good lovin’ and good food. BTW, I’m Dominican and so are my cousin and her son. Here’s a PSA: If you ain’t White or Asian. You Black. Accept it. I promise it doesn’t hurt. Trust men, I’ve been Black for a while.

     What might hurt some (and I’ve seen it hurt my little cousins who are my complexion and/or darker) is when the Black jokes and comments start coming around and they don’t know how to defend themselves. I mean, it’s only a matter of time until they do and it takes something extra to deal with it. How do I deal? Simple: I know that I’m beautiful. Anyone who’s ever commented on my complexion has had far worse things to worry about in their own physical and (even more frequently) personality/intellect areas. I’m not phased. & jokes aren’t funny when there’s no reaction. That’s like the only rule for jokes.
So… I’m a bad bitch and I come in the best flavor.

     I have a close guy friend who is Black. (This man is black Black. His family born & raised in the USofA generation after generation. They speak no other language and come from no other country except Africa.) He told me he “doesn’t like Black girls.” He even tried to convince me that a girl he dated (who is Cape Verdean –a country off the coast of Africa) isn’t Black because she’s lighter than me. I don’t hold it against him, I’m just sorry he hates himself so much. 
     With all these bright lights on these celebs, we seem to have forgotten what a sista actually looks like. Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Keri Hilson, Zoe Saldana, Halle Berry, Sanai Lathan, Jada Pinkett-Smith, Gabrielle Union–these are sistas. And they are darker than you think they are.  Make-up & bright lights do wonders. Trust me.
     The only thing that upsets me in this situation is that many dark-skinned men prefer a lighter woman when many light-skinned women have to make excuses before dating a Black man. He’s usually “cute to be so dark.” She don’t really like you. She might like your money or your _ _ _ _ size. With the last guy I was involved with, my friends could only say, “He has a cute smile”. (FYI: This guy was beautifully chocolate and absolutely delicious.)
     Lil’ Wayne has a lyric in “Right Above It” that goes, “How do you say what’s never said? Beautiful Black woman. I bet you she look better red.” Excuse me Lil’ Wayne, but how do I say, “Fuck You”? I don’t want to be red. Do you want to be red? Do you want your daughter to be red? For some reason, people think that I too have a problem with my skin color. No, you  have more of an issue with my skin color that I do. I love my skin color. I don’t hide from the sun. And I moisturize twice daily to maintain its brilliance.  Here’s a better question: If those pretty light-skinned girls were dark as me, could they be as pretty as me? Here’s the answer: Highly, highly, highly doubt it. 

FYI: There’s nothing in me that wishes my skin were lighter. 
What if I was blue? Would I be dateable then? Cuz I still wouldn’t date these minimum wage working, no book reading, can’t-spell-assed, small _ _ _ _  size, mediocre stroke having, no respect for their mothers, obviously don’t know their history and don’t-value-women-assed light skinned men.