Worst. EVER.
Last weekend, I felt like the woman in the picture to the left. I don’t know why I went on the date…wait… I know. I had nothing else to do. I was upset at someone that weekend and decided that I deserved a nice night out. Sometimes, if the planets align in the right way (I have nothing else to do) and the breeze blows at the right angle (I’m broke), a lame will have the chance of taking me out.
Please don’t judge me. I’ve been out of school since May with $0 income. It’s hard out here for a college grad. There are NO qualified men and NO job openings (where I want them).  Times is hard. 

So, this unsuspecting man happened to invite me out at just the right time. I didn’t mind going out with him because he was the type to refill my drink at the club a.k.a. not (too) cheap. I also wanted to see Grown Ups. He wanted to take me out and I wanted to be taken out. It was a win/win situation.
We went to Providence Place Mall (where everyone can see you, unfortunately) and he decided he was hungry. On our way to the food court, he began asking questions that are a bit too serious for my taste. He immediately started talking about his ex and why they broke up, trying to ask me the same questions. This type of conversation isn’t my cup of tea. If a person can’t talk about anything but their past relationship, they’re not over it. RUN.
We ate from the food court, which I detest because that food has been sitting out there forever. I ate maybe 1/10 of the meal he bought me and we made our way to the theatre where he bought the tickets, popcorn and an Icee (i love Icee’s and always mix every flavor). I’m only mentioning this for the ladies: If a man takes you to the movies, he should buy everything because you’re worth it. If you can’t afford popcorn and a drink, you definitely can’t afford this [insert your choice name for vagina here].
Grown Ups  is funny, but have you ever watched a movie with someone who laughed at all the opposite parts from you? It’s like we weren’t watching the same movie. The things I thought were hilarious he only chuckled to. I was silent during his funny parts. This is the first sign that we don’t see eye to eye. We don’t share the same humor.
But, the movie was decent, except for the part where my date tried to hug, hold and caress me. I tried as hard as I could to keep my back to my chair, but the FIRST time I moved, he swooped his hand behind me. Here I am, hugged up on this guy I don’t even want to be seen with. Then he has the nerve to put his arm around me in a way so that he can rub my thigh/almost ass at the same time. My only way to combat this was to put my arm up on the arm rest in hopes that he’d get the clue. I literally had to keep his arm elevated though the last 30 minutes of the movie.  I couldn’t even pay attention to the movie while I kept thinking about how much I didn’t want to be with this guy.
The worst date you can go on is one that goes perfectly, expect for it’s not with the right person. I know who I would have wanted to go to the movies with and it wasn’t the guy who brought me. I’d cross my fingers and wish upon a star to get the guy I have my eyes on right now. But I suppose there’s plenty more terrible dates in store for me till then.
As my date drove me home, he invited me out rollerblading, out to play pool and to Six Flags. Lol, yes, all of that. It’s only a 10 minute drive, too.  I smiled and Mmhmm’d the entire time.  I wish I wanted to take him up on his offer. We pulled up to my house and I let him give me a kiss on the cheek.  I told him to text me and let me know that he got home safe (he drove an hour from Boston, MA to Providence, RI to take me out, poor guy), which he did.  He tried to “Good Morning” me the next day, but I didn’t respond and we haven’t spoken since. I can’t even pretend to like him.
*Deletes Number* Blah.  On to the next one?