Celine, Hermes have and plenty other houses have released (or rereleased) a particular style of bag this season: small, square shaped, slightly messenger bag styles.  The Hermes version is called the “Constance” (images).

Now I can’t afford a Constance bag and there’s a rumored 1 year waiting list to purchase the revered bag. (I wouldn’t know. I think you’re required to have a certain number commas in your bank account total.) The Hermes website doesn’t even feature the bag among the items for sale. But, if you keep your eyes out, you can at least emulate the style. You won’t be able to get H clasp, but the Celine version features just plain clasps.  The bag I found is no name (Barganza & Couture? You let me know.) but I think is a pretty good copy of the bag & puts me right in with the trend! Check my thrift store find vs the greats!