I’ve always thought there was something daring about wearing a full, blood red coat. Coats have so much fabric that the color can be overwhelming. Perhaps that’s why Calvin Klein’s black pea coat and Burberry’s khaki trench are able to sell so much season after season. Black and tan are colors that will never be out of season.  Then there’s red.

Red says something. In advertising/graphics classes, you learn that red emits warmth and emotion. Heat and sensuality.  (Apparently, yellow makes you hungry. This sick combination has done wonders for McDonald’s). Oscar de la Renta had a couple different red coats in his Fall 2010 collection. The red coat always brings me to one person in particular, Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward in Pretty Woman. The movie was released in 1990. Great to see where the 80’s met the 90’s. There will be books written on it later, but at 22, people in my generation will be the ones to document it. Maybe me?!?!? Well, until then, I just go with the flow.

I came across this sweater/jacket before browsing the Oscar Fall 2010 line, so I surprised myself when, while researching for the greens in my “Militant Fashion” post, the red coats were right there, too. Mine has a fly-away style as there are no buttons. & it has monstrous should pads (in an AWESOME way). There are pockets, fortunately.  This is definitely going to be my fall coat. Paired with a knit scarf, I won’t need much else except some leather gloves!