All I can say is that Miss Luckett seems like the ultimate sweetheart. For those who are lost in the Beyonce spotlight, LeToya was one of the initial  four in Destiny’s Child. She and Latavia Roberson left the group in 1999. LeToya, from all my research, has never said anything anti-Beyonce or the rest of the DC3 but has had to bear the burden. If R&B was basketball, Beyonce Knowles would be Kobe, she don’t like to pass the ball. & We let her hog it simply because she’s that good. She & Kobe got new rings put on it. Rumor had it, Matthew Knowles didn’t want LeToya to perform at the 2009 BET Awards, but Letoya spoke out  in a very level headed manner about the situation.

Whole time, she’d   been working on her album, Lady Love, released in August 2009. LeToya is a determined songstress. She falls into the bucket with the likes of Keri Hilson. These girls can sing melodically and their singles have very catchy hooks. The main topics of their songs are love, heartbreak, the usual. Nothing deep or seemingly genuine which makes the music a simple listen. Neither Keri nor LeToya have amazing voices, so we have to depend on the rhythm and catchiness of the lyrics to hold us. The difference between the two is LeToya’s humilty and respect towards Beyonce (with those two charcateristics, Keri and LeToya are complete opposites.)

Most of LeToya’s tracks seem to attempt an upbeat swing, even the tracks on sadder topics like heartbreak. Many of the songs have lyrics like “keep it moving to the after party” and “so tired of playing love rollercoaster with you” giving us the sense of a girl who is conscious of the bad relationship and ready to get out of it. If that’s where you are, this is the album for you.

Lady Love is a decent sing-along album. Many of the songs have the same tempo/mood so you don’t realize that you’ve listened to it three times through because the tracks all sound fairly the same. But, decent album. Not great, not bad. I’d move onto something else quickly. I wouldn’t try to learn the words or anything. I mean, I wouldn’t give her an award or anything. Seems like LeToya has been through it and deserves recognition for actually getting the project out and in rotation. Especially with having to combat the Knowles camp. If this album was for herself emotionally, I applaud her for getting her emotions out and thoughts across. There’s a lot of venting, which is probably why all the tracks sound the same. Ever notice you can tell the same stories about a guy over and over and over and over and over again?

 On the business side,  LeToya should look into other enterprises… just in case. Nah, mean?